Bridget Rauch ’15 with a corporate aircraft powered with a Rolls-Royce engine

November 17, 2014

Bridget Rauch ’15 Gets Experience in Market Analysis at Rolls-Royce

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Bridget Rauch ’15 (Bear, Del.) discovered how well her two majors will help her in the professional world during a 12-week internship at Rolls-Royce North America in Reston, Va. “On a daily basis, I would use a statistical concept, a problem-solving technique, or something else that I wouldn’t have without my math classes,” she says. [...]

Christopher Verni ’15 works with Kevin Rhodes ’82 at FMI’s plant in Bethlehem.

November 3, 2014

Christopher Verni ’15 Explores Product Manufacturing with Kevin Rhodes ’82

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During the summer of his junior year, Kevin Rhodes ’82 interned at Procter & Gamble’s New Jersey manufacturing plant. The experience not only confirmed his career aspirations, it led to a job with the company. Today, the chemical engineering grad is president and founder of FMI, a contract manufacturing firm of personal care products in Bethlehem, [...]

Peter Lops ’91 and Anne Kaplan ’15 in New York City

October 27, 2014

I Want My MTV: Students Explore Global Media

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This summer, Anne Kaplan ’15 (New York, N.Y.) got a good look at her future by exploring global mass media during a 10-week internship at MTV/Viacom in New York City. “Learning about the various departments was intriguing because there are so many different facets of a television station that someone can work in,” says Kaplan, a [...]

Stacey-Ann Pearson '15

October 27, 2014

Gateway Gives Students Career Advantage

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For Linh Nguyen ’14, a summer internship and networking with Lafayette alumni directly led to the job he wanted after graduation. Nguyen, an economics and mathematics graduate, interned with NERA Economic Consulting. The connections he formed there led to a position as a research associate. Job-seeking skills and networking are two of key strategies students [...]

Robyn Henderek ’15 onsite in Panama

August 25, 2014

Geological Evolution: Students Excavate Fossils from Panama Canal

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By Sean Grim ’14 Robyn Henderek ’15 (Titusville, N.J.) and Wesley Von Dassow ’14 spent their summer vacation waist deep in Panamanian rivers, armed with rock hammers and magnetic compasses. As interns with the Smithsonian Tropical Research Center in Panama City, Henderek, a double major in geology and anthropology & sociology, and Von Dassow, a geology [...]

Scott Kovacs, Allie Torru '16, Zeke Zelker, Samantha Potoczak ’16, and James Moore ’14 and film for The Billboard Project in Downtown Easton.

July 25, 2014

Students Help Pioneer “New Media” Storytelling

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Independent filmmaking is a tough business, but Scott Kovacs (Tannersville, Pa.) loves it. He is interning with Easton filmmaker Zeke Zelker on The Billboard Project, a multi-platform storytelling experience that includes a web series, interactive play, and feature film. Samantha Potoczak ’16 (Avon Lake, Ohio), a double major in international affairs and film & media [...]

Madeleine Hasbrouck ’14 and Mark Tajzler ’14 in Venice

January 24, 2014

Students Help Restore Venetian Masterpieces

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For anyone with a passion for art history, Venice is a must-see. “The amount of cultural heritage in Venice is inconceivable. Every campo has a famous church, or painting, or sculpture. You’re constantly surrounded by beauty,” says Madeleine Hasbrouck ’14 (San Marino, Calif.) This summer, Hasbrouck and fellow art major Mark Tajzler ’14 (Wilmington, Del.) [...]

Kevin Galloway '14 atop the 22-story Saturn V test stand at NASA’s Marshal Space Flight Center.

December 20, 2013

Larry Galloway ’14 Helps Build Rockets with NASA

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Larry Galloway ’14 (Norristown, Pa.) recently combined his fascination with materials science, his passion for photography, and his interest in space travel during an internship at NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center. Located in Huntsville, Ala., the huge base is primarily responsible for NASA’s rocket and robotics development and climate research. Galloway, a mechanical engineering major, [...]

Jolly Shi ’16 has taken part in two externships and a summer internship through Gateway.

October 30, 2013

Gateway Provides Students with Roadmap to Success

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When David Kafafian ’13 graduated this spring, he already had a job lined up with IBM’s Consulting-by-Degrees program in Manhattan, an accomplishment he attributes to the networking and job-seeking skills he learned in Career Services’ Gateway program. “Gateway has been my point of entry into Lafayette’s incredible alumni network,” says Kafafian, who earned an A.B. [...]

Molly Gondolf ’14, Jared Piette ’12, and Jessica Ross ’15 at the Linde Gas North America plant

October 30, 2013

Engineering Students Explore Future Careers as Interns with The Linde Group

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This summer, chemical engineering major Molly Gondolf ’14 (Atlantic, N.J.) got a firsthand look at what her future career might be like. She hopes to become an application sales engineer, similar to those she worked with during her internship at Linde Gas North America. “When you are immersed in the industry and are able to [...]