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Boris Kagarlitsky, Research Fellow at the Russian National Academy of Sciences, will speak on “Russia at the Crossroads: Presidential Elections and the Prospects for Democracy” at 8 p.m., Wednesday, April 5, in the auditorium of Lafayette College’s Pardee Hall.

The talk is free and open to the public. It is sponsored by the Department of History, the Department of Government and Law, the International Affairs program, the Russian—East European Studies program, the History Club, the Kirby Government and Law Society, and the Hillel Society.

Kagarlitsky is author of several books on Russian, Soviet, and global political economy, including The Twilight of Globalization: Property, State and Capitalism and New Realism, New Barbarism: The Crisis of Capitalism, published last year by Pluto Press; Restoration in Russia: Why Capitalism Failed. (Verso, 1995); The Mirage of Modernization (New York Monthly Review Press, 1995); Square Wheels: How Russian Democracy Got Derailed (New York Monthly Review Press, 1994); Farewell Perestroika: A Soviet Chronicle (Verso, 1990); and The Thinking Reed: Intellectuals and the Soviet State from 1917 to the Present (Verso, 1988).

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