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    Posted January 24

Rexford A. Ahene, Associate Professor of Economics and Business and Chair of Africana Studies

  • “Property Rights and Taxation in Sub-Saharan Africa.” Proceedings 92nd Annual Conference on Taxation, Atlanta, Georgia, October 24-26, 1999. 435-42.

Susan L. Averett, Associate Professor of Economics and Business

  • (coauthors Leslie Whittington and Donna Anderson). “Choosing Children over Career? Changes in the Postpartum Labor Force Behavior of Professional Women.” Population Research and Policy Review 19 (2000): 339-55.
  • (coauthors Michele C. McLennan and Megan Young). “Do Higher Returns to College Education Encourage College Enrollments? An Analysis by Race.” Worker Well-Being 19 (2000): 63-82.

Neil A. Englehart, Assistant Professor of Government and Law

  • Culture and Power in Traditional Siamese Government. Ithaca: Cornell University, Southeast Asia Program, 2000. 130.

David L. Hogenboom, Marshall R. Metzgar Professor Emeritus of Physics

  • (coauthors Jeffrey S. Kargel, Jonathan Z. Kaye, James W. Head, III, Giles M. Marion, Roger Sassen, James K. Crowley, Olga Prieto Ballesteros, and Steven A. Grant). “Europa’s Crust and Ocean: Origin, Composition, and the Prospects for Life.” Icarus 148 (2000): 226-65.

Stephen E. Lammers, Helen H.P. Manson Professor of the English Bible

  • (coauthors Karen Moore Schaefer, Elisabeth Crago Ladd, and Robert Echenberg). “Caring for Women Living With Ovarian Cancer: Recommendations for Advanced Practice Nurses.” JOGNN 29.6 (November/December 2000): 567-73.

Chester J. Salwach, Associate Professor of Mathematics

  • “C (n, n, 1) Designs Obtained from Codes.” Abstracts of Papers Presented to the American Mathematical Society 21 (2000): 13 [abstract].

June Schlueter, Provost and Charles A. Dana Professor of English

  • “Celebrating Queen Elizabeth’s German Godchild: The Documentary Record.” Medieval and Renaissance Drama in England 13 (2001): 57-81.

Joseph A. Sherma, John D. and Francis H. Larkin Professor of Chemistry

  • Editor, Special Guest Editor Section, “Thin-Layer Chromatography/Densitometry.” Journal of AOAC International 83.6 (November/December 2000): 1455-1516.

Lorenzo Traldi, Professor of Mathematics

  • “Series and Parallel Reductions for the Tutte Polynomial.” Discrete Mathematics 220 (2000): 291-97.
  • “A Note on a Theorem of Wu.” Kobe Journal of Mathematics 17.1 (2000): 27-28.
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