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The noise and adrenaline on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange made a spring-semester internship there something to brace for, says Claire Kesicke ’03 of North Salem, N.Y., a graduate of John Jay High School.

Kesicke, a business and economics major, helped execute stock-market trades with WJB Inc., a small, independent firm. She describes her internship, for which she received academic credit, as “a rare opportunity to get a taste of what goes on behind the scenes of the stock market.” Internships help students decide what they want to do, or don’t want to do, in life, she adds.

“I had always heard about Wall Street, but never really knew what the stock exchange was all about,” says Kesicke. “During the internship, I learned what it’s like being down there on the floor and what happens when firms call with orders. I can pick up the phone and use the computer systems to find quotes and write down broker reports when they come back to the booth.

“I loved the floor of the exchange — learning so much from so many different people. It’s different from any class, because it’s real life and it’s fast-paced, with no room for errors,” she continues.

“I met a range of people. Some were willing to help and others just ran me over,” says Kesicke. “It was definitely male-dominated. I didn’t have to be aggressive because I was just learning. But I learned that you can get a lot of verbal abuse. You have to stand up for yourself!”

Kesicke is a member of Omicron Delta Epsilon, national honor society for men and women studying in the field of economics. She is a diver on the varsity swimming and diving team.

She performs community service as a volunteer in programs conducted by students under the auspices of Lafayette’s Landis Community Outreach Center and is reporter for the student newspaper, The Lafayette.

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