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The following is the minutes provided by Student Government for its Oct. 2 meeting:

Lafayette College Student Government
October 2, 2001
An official meeting of the 2001 Student Government was held in The Kirby Council Room, Room 206 at 8:12 p.m. There were 15 members present.

Ben Mack – President
Dana Newcomb – Vice President
Morgan Albus – Secretary
Colin Feehan – Treasurer
Matt Bishop – Community Affairs
Jacobi Cunningham – Multicultural Affairs
Patrick Doherty – Academic Affairs
Amy Giacobone – Farinon Student Services
Elizabeth Harris – Public Relations
Bradford Hill – Greek Liaison
Jenna Menard – Student Life
Jonathan Schecter – Student Organizations
Rae Sheynberg – Campus Student Services
Lauren Uhler – Student Life
Meredith Walburg – Elections

I. President’s Report – Ben Mack
A. MOTION to approve the minutes from September 25, 2001.
B. We will be supporting the Lafayette Activities Forum in an anti-hate speaker that they will be bringing in later in October.
C. Geoffrey Gresh is here to discuss how we can contribute to a commemorative quilt project that he has put together in response to the September 11th tragedy.
Student Government has approved the purchase of decorating materials for the Commemorative Quilt Project.
D. We will be meeting on Thursday of next week at 8:15 PM back in the Student Government office.
E. Please look over the copies of the S.W.O.T. analysis for accuracy, and bring the three ways that you can apply the analysis to your position, to our next meeting.

II. Vice President’s Report – Dana Newcomb
A. Faculty lunch is tentatively set for October 29th at 12:15 p.m.
1. Please hand in a list of the two professors that you would like to invite
B. Faculty meeting
1. President Rothkopf thanked faculty for their ongoing support of students and other members of the community affected by the September 11th tragedy
2. Provost recognized Kristen Turner as a new member of the library staff who will work on college archives
3. Dean Krivoski reported that Dean Spell will extend “Campus Conversations” due to requests from students
4. Dean Krivoski also noted housing issues
5. Professor Weiner noted that the school will be providing non-alcoholic alternatives for alumni during homecoming and would like faculty involvement
C. The new Associate Representatives are: Sam Mugo, Adrienne Stark, David Norton, Catriona Duncanson

III. Secretary’s Report – Morgan Albus
A. Office hour sheet sent around. Please remember when you have signed up.

IV. Treasurer’s Report – Colin Feehan
A. Our current budget this semester is $7, 326.56

V. Community Affairs – Matt Bishop
A. Will be attending a meeting on October 11th regarding the fall blood drive which Student Government will help sponsor. If you are interested in helping with it please contact Kate Wick or Matt Bishop
B. Student Government is encouraging students and faculty to contribute funds to the disaster relief effort in light of the September 11th tragedy. Please direct contributions to the Landis Community Outreach Center

VI. Greek Liaison – Bradford Hill
A. IFC and Panhel are currently organizing Greek Week. There will be a string of events running from October 20th to October 27th that will involve not only Greeks but also the Lafayette Community as a whole.
B. Panhel is currently revising the rush process
C. There have been numerous Greek fundraisers in the past two weeks to support “The Relief Fund”

VII. Farinon Student Services – Amy Giacobone
A. Met with Dining Committee and Joe Binotto on 9/26
1. Discussed extension of meal time
B. Planning on bringing in Mr. Binotto for a Student Government meeting
C. Clean up plans for Farinon atrium

VIII. Campus Student Services – Rae Sheynberg
A. Nancy Tregoe and Dean Worthen are currently working on putting laundry onto flex
B. Have a meeting scheduled with Bruce Ferretti on October 3rd

IX. Academic Affairs – Patrick Doherty
A. Spoke briefly with Dean Robbins about a student committee for next year’s Freshman orientation
1. Will meet with Dean Hutchinson to discuss the role of this committee and how Patrick can be most helpful

X. Multicultural Affairs – Jacobi Cunningham
A. The LINC meeting will be this Thursday, October 4th during lunch. Hopefully we will be able to jumpstart the group for this semester before fall break
B. LAF in conjunction with the Associations of Black Collegians, The Brothers of Lafayette, Quest and Hillel as well as other groups on campus will be sponsoring a speaker on October 17th
C. The LACSA Caribbean Festival was very successful with over 150 guests. They also managed to raise over 200 dollars for other activities this semester
D. Currently working on a letter to all multicultural groups

XI. Student Life – Jenna Menard
A. Emailed the football coach to get the pep rally rolling; Waiting for response
B. FCC will begin as soon as elections are finished
C. Have received emails from about 10 presidents of clubs and they have expressed much interest in being kept informed about Student Government
D. Looking into t-shirts for Student Government to wear occasionally in order to publicize who we are
E. Looking into the idea of opening all the offices during lunchtime

XII. Student Life – Lauren Uhler
A. Meeting with Jenna tomorrow to organize pep rally ideas before break
B. Planning to get in touch with orientation leaders in early November to have them get their freshman together for the pep rally
C. Looking into t-shirts to advertise the pep rally
D. Trying to find out about Zoo Crew and their whereabouts
E. Will set up a meeting with Dean Krivoski

XIII. Elections – Meredith Walburg
A. Elections are tomorrow and Thursday. Please check and see when you are signed up to help
B. Posters are hung up to advertise the elections

XIV. Public Relations – Liz Harris
A. Calendars will be up when we come back from break
B. There is a calendar up in the Student Government office. Please record events

XV. Student Organizations – Jonathan Schecter
A. Fly Fishing Club is here to present their constitution
MOTION to table the approval of the constitution until they’ve had a meeting and made the appropriate changes
B. Neuroscience Club is here to present their constitution
MOTION to approve the constitution with the appropriate changes
C. Spoke with the Leonardo Society about reviving their club. They politely declined our help
D. Will work with Liz to divide up clubs to give them more personal attention

The meeting was adjourned at 9:48 p.m. These are the official minutes of the Student Government.

Respectfully Submitted,
Morgan Albus

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