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Lafayette College Student Government
November 13, 2001
An official meeting of the 2001 Student Government was held in the Farinon Center, Room 12 at 7:50pm. There were 13 members present.

Ben Mack President
Dana Newcomb Vice President
Morgan Albus Secretary
Colin Feehan Treasurer
Matt Bishop Community Affairs
Jacobi Cunningham Multicultural Affairs
Patrick Doherty Academic Affairs
Amy Giacobone Farinon Student Services
Elizabeth Harris Public Relations
Bradford Hill (excused) Greek Liaison
Jenna Menard Student Life
Jonathan Schecter Student Organizations
Rae Sheynberg (excused) Campus Student Services
Lauren Uhler Student Life
Meredith Walburg Elections

I. President’s Report – Ben Mack
A. MOTION to approve the minutes from November 6th
B. Presentation by the Students for Social Justice
C. Due to the Thanksgiving Break, we will hold next week’s meeting on
Monday at 4:00 in the Student Government office.
D. The Fun Committee will be meeting within the next two weeks.
E. Report from the Committee on Sexual Assault:
1. Lauren spoke with representatives from the August Survivor’s Center to get input on how we can make a presentation to the Lafayette community.
2. Someone on the committee will be getting in touch with Professor Byrd
in the Women’s Studies department to discuss what the government can
present to the Lafayette Community.
3. Would like to set a program in place before the semester is over.
F. Our Newsletter has been created and mass-mailed, courtesy of Brad and Jacobi.

II. Vice President’s Report – Dana Newcomb
A. The faculty luncheon last Monday went well. Please provide any suggestions on things that could be improved for next year.

III. Secretary’s Report – Morgan Albus
A. Reminder for office hours
B. The government representatives are required by the executive board to fill out a term evaluation in reference to their particular position which is to be passed on to the new government members

IV. Treasurer’s Report – Colin Feehan
A. The Wine Society is here to present an emergency allocation.
MOTION to allocate 100 dollars to the Wine Society
B. The Ice Hockey club is here to present an emergency allocation.
MOTION to allocate 300 dollars to the Ice Hockey club
C. MOTION to suspend the normal procedure of voting on the allocation of money due to the extenuating circumstances of the Students for Social Justice society
D. MOTION to allocate 294 dollars to the Students for Social Justice society

V. Campus Student Services – Rae Sheynberg
A. Planning to schedule a meeting with Dean Worthen to discuss what is being done about flexing laundry
B. Went on the light tour on November 12th with Hugh Harris and Bruce Ferretti. One of the major goals is to have more phones outside of residence halls with blue lights for emergencies.

VI. Academic Affairs – Patrick Doherty
A. Been keeping in touch with the Dean of Studies office and has a meeting after Thanksgiving.

VII. Student Life – Jenna Menard
A. Pep rally planning is almost finished.
B. An itinerary of the pep rally will be sent out to the government representatives

VIII. Elections – Meredith Walburg
A. Posters are up around campus, advertising the website for the elections
B. The newly elected representatives will be coming to the meeting next week
C. Next week during the meeting will be President and Vice President nominations

IX. Public Relations – Liz Harris
A. November event calendar is up

X. Student Organizations – Jonathan Schecter
A. Mid year evaluation form will go out next week to all the organizations
B. The Students of Social Justice society is here to present a constitution
MOTION to approve the constitution for the Students of Social Justice society

XI. Community Affairs – Matt Bishop
A. Met with Kristen Radecsky regarding Hunger and Homeless week.
B. The Miller Memorial Blood Drive will be held on Tuesday, November 27th from 9:30am-5:00pm. There will be sign -ups in Farinon from 11:00am-1:00pm on November 5-7th and November 14-16th

XII. Student Life – Lauren Uhler
A. There will be a table set up in Farinon at lunch and dinner on Wednesday and Thursday to write cheer grams
B. Spread the word about the pep rally this Friday

XII. Multicultural Affairs – Jacobi Cunningham
A. Expressions of Lafayette is still in the works. Letters will go out to departments encouraging support for the events
B. Aya magazine is now accepting admissions for their magazine which is due out early next semester
C. Kwanzaa celebration will be on December 6th in Marquis. Letters will be sent to all organizations urging support for this event
D. This Thursday a group of students will be creating a mentoring program at the Children’s Home of Easton through the intercultural development office
E. Brothers of Lafayette will be beginning a book discussion
F. There will be a LINC meeting next week. Some organizations, including representatives from Student Government will meet and view the completed brochure

XIV. Farinon Student Services – Amy Giacobone
A. Next Dining Committee meeting is on November 28h at 12 in Marquis
B. Thinking of ways to pass along the topics discussed during the Dining Committee meetings to all students

The meeting was adjourned at 9:40pm. These are the official minutes of the Student Government.

Respectfully Submitted,
Morgan Albus

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