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Students, faculty and alumni are performing in the ninth annual Fringe festival, which started Monday and continues through Friday at the Williams Center for the Arts.

The Fringe is a showcase for original plays, music, poetry, performance pieces, scenes, dance, and improvisation by Lafayette, alumni, and faculty.

Original Performance Nights will be held 8 p.m. today and tomorrow in the Williams Center for the Arts Black Box theater. They are free and open to the public.

Tonight’s schedule opens with a concert by electronic music students under the instruction of William Melin, professor of music: Jon Apostoles ’03, Josh Brodsky ’03, Jeff Carroll ’02, Che Davis ’02, Dan Fast ’05, Gabriel Fernandez-Obregon ’03, David Haskill ’02, Paul Kupfer ’03, Stewart Kupfer ’02, Chris Michaud ’03, and Scott Yunes ’03.

Other scheduled acts this evening are “Let Me Be Frank With You,” original poetry read by Ricardo Bogaert-Alvarez, assistant professor of chemical engineering; “A Little Night Music,” three pop standards song by Nuri Noaz ’03, accompanied on piano by Brandon Cochenour ’03; “In His Eyes,” a duet sung by Elizabeth Youngkin ’03 and Suzanne Montgomery ’03, accompanied on piano by Janna Pachuski ’02; “The Jackie Springer Show,” a skit performed by Victor Mrosso ’04, Jaclyn Sekula ’03, Kate Cimino ’02, Lauren Moses ’02, and Suzanne Montgomery ’03, all of the acting group Played Out; and a solo performance by Chris Hutchison ’91.

The Chorduroys, Lafayette’s male a cappella group, will open Thursday’s schedule. They will be followed by “Changing of the Leaves,” an original poem by Seth Thomas ’02; “Tiny Dancer,” interpretive dance by Alycia Campbell ’02; “Waiting,” an original song performed by Ricardo El-Darwish ’03 and Kenya Flash ’03; songs and poems by Liza Zitelli ’02 and Nora Kennedy ’02; “Accapella Rhythms,” a dance performed by Jame Quinn ’02 and Brianne Prior ’02; “Pretty Little Girl,” an original song written and performed by Alexis Siemons ’05; “Free Shakespeare: Much Ado About Nothing,” drama performed by Carolyn Berger ’02, Rebecca Novia ’02, Rose Pilato ’02, and Zitelli; monologues by Terrence Monte ’03 and Ian Bibby ’02; “Commedia,” featuring Ryon Clarke ’04, Jennifer White ’04, and Stephen Tanner ’04; an original dramatic work by Tom DiGiovanni ’96 and Ross Gay ’96; and “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” improvisations by Jack Furlong ’04, Paul Germain ’04, Creighton Conner ’04, and Dave Mitchell ’05.

The Fringe continues noon Friday, when intermedia artist Larry Miller will give a brown bag lecture on his Williams Center gallery exhibition, “Either/Or.” Lunch will be available for $3. The exhibit runs through Dec. 7

Cellist Joan Jeanrenaud will perform “Ice Cello,” playing a cello made of ice with bows made of different materials, including split bamboo, barbed wire, and rasps, at 4 p.m. Friday. Composer and sound artist Gregory Kuhn will amplify and enhance the sound of dripping water from the melting instrument. The event is free and open to the public.

Students from the Introduction to Theater and Theatrical Styles classes taught by Michael O’Neill, director of theater, will perform short performance pieces with other students, faculty members, community participants, and cellist Joan Jeanrenaud in a FluxConcert directed by Miller 8 p.m. Friday.

Students, faculty, and staff began the Fringe with a Favorite Poem Reading Monday. Yesterday, Herbin “Tamango” Van Cayseele and his Urban Tap performers presented “Caravane.”

The Fringe staff includes O’Neill, producer; Richard A. Kendrick, technical director; Tim Frey, sound; Chris Valenti ’02, lighting; and Chris David ’04, Rusty Wandall ’04, and Matt Goff ’02, crew.

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