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The Investment Club is managing a portfolio of about 30 securities, most of which are stocks, valued at about $280,000.

Students in the group learn about investing firsthand by making decisions about the purchase and sale of securities, and observing the results. There are no prerequisites for becoming a member, and all students are encouraged to join. The club has more than 100 members, with 50-80 present at each of the biweekly meetings.

To encourage participation, investment decisions are made according to the following system. A member who has an idea regarding a possible purchase or sale of an investment makes a presentation to the attending members during one of the meetings. The members vote on the proposal; the decision is made by majority vote. Because of the bottom-up approach, the portfolio as a whole is not geared toward a particular sector or investment approach. Although the current system promotes student participation, the club has recently recognized the need for the management of the overall risk exposure of the portfolio and the need for a more structured approach that encompasses some of the top-down techniques for investing. The club is considering making this change.

In addition to managing the portfolio, the officers prepare workshops to educate members about investing and Wall Street. They also organize trips and invite speakers. Last year the group went to Connecticut, visiting firms such as Verizon Investment Management Corporation, Common Fund, and Bridgewater Associates, and to New York, visiting firms such as Goldman, Sachs & Co. and TIAA-CREF. The trips give members exposure to Wall Street as well as the opportunity to network with people in the financial industry.

Investment Club Officers
President: Xenia Taoubina ’02
Vice President: Matt Mairoino ’04
Secretary: Michael Kotov ’03
Treasurer: Chris Mack ’04
Faculty Adviser: Donald Chambers

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