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On Oct. 26, more than half of my Army unit was deployed to Fort Leonardwood, Mo. Originally I was to join them and then at the last minute told to stay behind to maintain control of the remaining three companies. All company commanders were pulled to fill in staff positions at the battalion level. I am the only remaining officer “in the rear.” Our full-time staff was also deployed. I am no longer a “weekender,” but responding to phone calls daily for the Army. Difficult when you’re a full-time mom…but under the circumstances, I wouldn’t decline the responsibilities.

My husband, Greg, and I have three wonderful children-Rebecca, 7; Tommy, 5; and Kaitlin, 20 months old.

I belong to a training battalion out of Lodi, N.J. Our primary function is to train-up new recuits as they graduate high school. During this deployment our mission has been to provide refresher training to the military police and engineers who will be providing border patrols in Afghanistan and the neighboring countries as deemed necessary.

Thus far, they have not required an additional training company, but things may change come January. If so, I will be spending a minimum of four months in Missouri away from my family, it could be as long as a year.

-Carolyn McLain (Van de Wetering) ’91
Captain, U.S. Army Reserve
Morristown, N.J.
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