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Posted February 4, 2002

Publication coauthored with students:

Bernard Fried, Professor Emeritus of Biology

    (coauthors Caroline D. Balfour ’00 and Melissa L. Rossi ’00). “Effects of a 100 Metacercarial Cyst Inoculum on the Host-Parasite Relationship of Echinostoma caproni and ICR Mice.” Journal of Helminthology 75 (2001): 321-24.

  • Other recent publications:

    Kristen L. Sanford Bernhardt, Assistant Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering

    • (coauthor Mark R. Virkler). “Improving the Identification, Analysis and Correction of High-Crash Locations.” ITE Journal 72.1 (January 2002): 38-42.
    • (coauthor Mark R. Virkler). “Statistical Concerns for High-Crash Locations.” ITE Journal on the Web January 2002: 73-76.

    Chip Nataro, Assistant Professor of Chemistry

    • (coauthors Charles N. Myer, W. M. Cleaver, and Christopher W. Allen). “Synthesis and characterization of Ferrocenylalcohol Derivatives of Hexachlorocyclotriphosphazene. X-ray Crystal Structure of N3P3Cl5OCH2CH2C5H4 FeCp.” Journal of Organometallic Chemistry 637-639 (2001): 284-90.

    Howard J. Marblestone, Associate Professor of Foreign Languages and Literatures

    • “Cyrus Herzl Gordon in memoriam.” Ugarit-Forschungen: Internationales Jahrbuch für die Altertumskunde Syrien-Palästinas 32 (2000): x-xxxvi.

    Joseph Sherma, Professor Emeritus of Chemistry

    • “A Field Guide to Instrumentation: Modern Sample Preparation Methodology. II. Automated SPME, ASE, SFE, MAE, and Automated Soxhlet Extraction.” Inside Laboratory Management November/December 2001: 33-38.

    Louis Zulli, Assistant Professor of Mathematics

    • “Seifert 3-Manifolds that are Bundles and Semi-Bundles.” Houston Journal of Mathematics 27.3 (2001): 533-40.
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