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Lafayette College Student Government
February 7, 2002
An official meeting of the 2002 Student Government was held in the Farinon Center, Room 12 at 7:35pm. There were 13 members present.

Morgan Albus — President
Amy Giacobone — Vice President
Alex Karapetian — Secretary
Elizabeth Harris — Treasurer
Jonathan Cohn –Greek Liaison
Kate Dickie — Student Life
Lee Goldfarb — Community Affairs
Jenna Menard — Multicultural Affairs
Andrew Van Raalte — Farinon Student Services
Jessica Rowlands — Academic Affairs
Charlotte Smith — Student Organizations
Kelly Smith — Public Relations
Brad Ship — Campus Student Services
Meredith Walburg — Student Life

I. President’s Report – Morgan Albus
B. Each rep now has a nameplate indicating their assigned seat. This was done to curtail side conversations and look more professional
C. Next week’s meeting will be Thursday, February 14th at 12:20p.m.
D. Family Weekend Committee sign up sheets are being passed around for any representative who is interested in being a part of a committee.
E. All individual goals for the representatives must be given to Morgan Albus.
F. There will be two brown bag lectures this week pertaining to Black History Month. All representatives who are available should sign up to attend.
G. The Goal Setting Session will be on Sunday, February 11th at 12:30pm in the Faculty Dining Room in Marquis
H. The Lafayette Leadership Institute will be on Saturday, February 10th at 9:30a.m. for all juniors.
I. The group picture will be taken at the end of the meeting for the website.

II. Vice President’s Report – Amy Giacobone
A. E-mailed Associate Representatives to set up a meeting with them and Morgan in order to clarify responsibilities.
B. Trying to contact Faculty Chairs in order to see which Committees need new reps, if the reps are fulfilling their duties, etc.
C. The Faculty Meeting was on Tuesday, February 5th. Renovations for Easton Hall will begin this summer. Also, renovations for Pardee will be in the near future. A meeting for students will be scheduled some time in February in regards to Student Evaluations Review.
III. Secretary’s Report – Alex Karapetian
A. Office hours will begin on Monday, February 11th during lunch
B. Every representative will receive a key by next week.

IV. Treasurer’s Report – Elizabeth Harris
A. Please put the copies of receipts from the bookstore in Liz’s mailbox.
B. The ski team came in asking for an emergency allocation.
MOTION to allocate $500 to the ski team.

V. Campus Student Services – Brad Ship
A. Sent out a mailing about the bus shuttle.
B. Meeting with Hugh Harris, the Director of Public Safety on February 19th.
C. Called Bruce Ferretti, the director of Plant Operations.
D. Will contact Hugh Harris in regards to both an incident that occurred on 1/31/01, and lighting on campus.

VI. Academic Affairs – Jessica Rowlands
A. Placed a call to President Rothkopf and Dean Hutchinson in regards to reconstructing the Advising System as a whole.

VII. Student Life – Meredith Walburg
A. Met with Kate twice this week. Came up with many exciting ideas that are still in progress.
B. The Freshman Class Council set meeting time will be Tuesday nights at 8:00pm.
C. The freshman Class Council Spring Fling will be on Saturday, April 6th.

VIII. Student Life – Kate Dickie
A. Called Cindy Adams in regarding a speaker for a lecture on Drug Use and Abuse.
a.) A meeting is set up for February 8th.

IX. Public Relations – Kelly Smith
A. Making a banner for the Blood Drive. It should be done by Sunday, February 10th.

X. Community Affairs – Lee Goldfarb
A. The Blood Drive will be on Thursday, February 21st from 10:00am-6:00pm in the Marlo Room.
B. Blood Drive sign ups will be held February 13th in Marquis, and the 14th and 15th in Farinon. All will be held during lunch. Posters will be handed out to put up around campus for the Blood Drive.
C. Met with Charlene Gray, and sent e-mails to Kate Wick and Gary Miller inquiring about the Outreach Center and its programs through Lafayette. Two off campus volunteer activities that the government can do is read essays from students at Easton High School regarding their future aspirations, or help build bunk beds for kids at the nearby YMCA for their summer camp.
D. Attending a Staff Meeting on Monday, February 11th.

XI. Multicultural Affairs – Jenna Menard
A. Been in contact with Carmen Hernandez regarding the new officers of all the multicultural organizations.
B. Black History Month—List of events on Black History Month Sheet. Passing around a sign-up sheet for Brown Bags and other events during Black History Month.
XII. Greek Liaison – Jonathan Cohn
A. 100th Anniversary for the Greek System is on March 7th. Still planning an event for it.
B. Talking about the new Greek Advisor.
C. The Greek Awards will be on March 7th in the Marlo Room.
D. Program with Greek RA’S will be Monday to Wednesday from 8:00pm-9:00pm to increase the numbers of girls that rush.
E. Meeting in regards to rush tactics will be on March 16th from 12:00pm-5:00pm.

XIII. Farinon Food Services – Andrew Van Raalte
A. Meeting with Joe Binotto at 10:00 am in Marquis.

IV. Elections chair – Meredith Walburg (ACTING)
A. Voting for the Elections Chair will be on Monday from 12:00pm-1:00pm, and 5:30pm-6: 30pm
in Farinon. On Tuesday, voting will be from 12:00pm-1:00pm, and 5:30pm-6: 30pm in Marquis.
B. Need more help to put up posters and flyers for people to vote.

A. On Wednesday, February 13th from 7:00pm-8: 30pm there will be a lecture on Refocussing and Recognition for Student Leaders.
B. On Tuesday, February 12th and the 19th, there will be a two session lecture entitled “Money Matters.” See Jenna, Morgan, or Liz if you would like to attend.
C. The Goal Setting Session will be held this Sunday at 12:30pm in the Faculty Dining Room in Marquis.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:25pm. These are the official minutes of the Student Government.

Respectfully Submitted,
Alex Karapetian

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