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Lafayette College Student Government
February 21, 2002

An official meeting of the 2002 Student Government was held in the Farinon Center, Room 12 at 7:33pm. There were 14 members present.

Morgan Albus — President
Amy Giacobone — Vice President
Alex Karapetian — Secretary
Elizabeth Harris — Treasurer
Jonathan Cohn — Greek Liaison
Kate Dickie — Student Life
Lee Goldfarb — Community Affairs
Jenna Menard — Multicultural Affairs
Andrew Van Raalte — Farinon Student Services
Jessica Rowlands — Academic Affairs
Charlotte Smith — Student Organizations
Kelly Smith — Public Relations
Brad Ship — Campus Student Services
Meredith Walburg — Student Life
Elizabeth Koskinen — Elections

I. President’s Report – Morgan Albus
B. The Provost spoke to the government regarding Threshold 2000. She passed out surveys around asking for feedback from students regarding new ideas and opinions about Lafayette in the years to come.
C. The Prologue Dinner was a success. A special thanks to everyone who attended.
D. Brad and Lee wrote an article about the lighting situation on campus. It will be featured in Friday’s paper.
E. Kate Dickie is the government’s representative for the All College Day Committee.
F. All representatives must stop by during the week to take pictures for the website..
G. Everyone is doing a great job and keep up the great work.

II. Vice President’s Report – Amy Giacobone
A. Associate Rep
1. Mass mailing sent out to all associate reps
2. Meeting is scheduled between associate reps and President and Vice President for February 27. Any associate rep who does not attend the meeting will be replaced.
3. Applications for replacement of associate reps will be distributed after that meeting.
4. Noelle Fankhauser is unable to continue her duties as an associate rep- Kate Curcio is a tentative replacement.
5. Keep your eyes and ears open for any responsible friends that are interested in an associate rep position.
B. Faculty Report
1. Responded to e-mail from Professor Malinconico apologizing for e-mail confusion .
2. Sent a response e-mail to Professor Weiner thanking him for his kind words and his suggestions.
3. Received e-mail from Bob Duncan.

III. Secretary’s Report – Alex Karapetian
A. All the keys for the government office are ready to be picked up.
a) If they are not picked up by March 1st, they will be re-called.

IV. Treasurer’s Report – Elizabeth Harris
A. Meghan Oakley from ASB is here to present an emergency allocation.
MOTION to table the allocation

B. The Wine Society is here to present an emergency allocation.
MOTION to allocate $500 to the Wine Society
Jon Andrew

V. Campus Student Services – Brad Ship
A. Spoke to Hugh Harris about the incident on January 31, 2002 outside of Oechsle Hall. A contract has been issued for lights out there.
B. Met with Hugh Harris again on February 19, 2002.
1. Lighting Tour was discussed.
2. Intersection behind the Kirby Gym.
3. Parking Committee for the city of Easton.
4. Crime Prevention Programs.

VI. Academic Affairs – Jessica Rowlands
A. Meeting with President Rothkopf was cancelled.
B. Meeting with Gateway Advisors to discuss the Advising Program.

VII. Student Life – Meredith Walburg
A. Freshman Class Council picked a Hawaiian theme for their Spring dance. They are still looking for a DJ.
B. Spoke with alumnus, Susan Tischler, who is a special agent for the DEA. She contacted the Demand Reduction Head for this area. Will be talking to him this week about a drug prevention on campus.
1. A thank you card will be in the office to send to her. Stop by and sign it.
C. LAF meeting will be every other Monday at 4:00 p.m. If you have any ideas, e-mail them to
1. Will keep everyone updated on LAF events.

VIII. Student Life – Kate Dickie
A. Met with Tye Gonzer and Scott Morse regarding the Maroon Platoon.
1. Expressed the government’s interest in helping them with our services.
2. Meetings will be Mondays at noon in the Marlo Room.
B. Met with Cindy Adams regarding the drug awareness conference.
1. Received interesting material concerning speakers and Lafayette statistics.
2. Have been in touch with Professor Hill. We will hopefully be getting together next week.

IX. Public Relations – Kelly Smith
A. Put up pictures and descriptions on the Student Government window.
B. Will begin work on the calendar and the bulletin board.

X. Student Organizations – Charlotte Smith
A. E-mailed all of the current known presidents of all of the organizations. Have received many e-mails back with contacts to compile a complete list.
B. Was in touch with the women’s soccer club. They want to start a new program.

XI. Community Affairs – Lee Goldfarb
A. On Thursday, February 21, Student Government and the Landis Community Outreach Center sponsored a blood drive. There were approximately 100 participants, an excellent showing.
B. Brad and I wrote a letter to the editor of The Lafayette. It was regarding the lighting and safety issue. It was published in the February 22 edition.
C. I contacted George Leasure from Camp Skycrest, inquiring about a possible service project for the government. The government is looking for a project for all 15 members, however, Camp Skycrest can only accommodate around five members at a time. I will look for other projects, including a possible suggestion from Alex.

XII. Multicultural Affairs – Jenna Menard
A. Thank you to those of you who came to the Prologue Dinner.
1. I will be on the committee to plan next year’s Prologue.
B. Brown Bag tomorrow called, “What if Martin Luther King were still alive?” It will start at 12:00 p.m. in the Marlo Room.
C. Started the makings of a Diversity Forum that will be either this semester or next semester.
1. A committee will be needed to help brainstorm and make it as successful as possible.
D. Contacted all presidents of multicultural organizations by e-mail and did not get any responses. Plan to get in touch with them again this weekend.

XIII. Greek Liaison – Jonathan Cohn
A. Met with Dean Worthen Monday, February 11th .
1. Discussed the new Steps Process and it should start next spring.
2. Will serve on a committee that deals with overseeing the Steps Process.
3. Dean Worthen and I will have meetings every other Monday, the next one being Monday, the 25th.
B. Went to the IFC meeting on February 12th.
1. Discussed rituals and how their have to be rules about how many rituals a fraternity or sorority can have and must notify the school ten days in advance.
2. Safe Rides are going well and DKE Fraternity will be doing it tonight (2/21/02)
C. Met with Jeff Weinstein regarding space in the school paper.
1. It will be approximately $20.

XIV. Farinon Food Service – Andrew Van Raalte
A. Met with Mr. Fred Quivey, who is the head of Business Affairs at the college.
1). Discussed allowing meal equivalency run during all hours of operation.
2). If the Government submits a new way to execute the meal plan, it will be looked at.

A. On Wednesday, February 13th from 7:00pm-8:30pm there will be a lecture on Refocussing and Recognition for Student Leaders.
B. On Tuesday, February 12th and the 19th, there will be a two-session lecture entitled Money Matters. See Jenna, Morgan, or Liz if you would like to attend.
C. The Goal Setting Session will be held this Sunday at 12:30pm in the Faculty Dining Room in Marquis.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:58pm. These are the official minutes of the Student Government.
Respectfully Submitted,
Alex Karapetian

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