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More than 150 students and scholarship donors gathered April 5 for the annual scholarship recognition dinner.

Tana K. Zerr '02 and Frederick S. Benson III '59 recounted the special roles that scholarships have played in their lives. For Zerr, a psychology major, financial aid allowed her to take full advantage of the Lafayette Experience, including the opportunity to undertake collaborative research with John Shaw, assistant professor of psychology. Their project resulted in two published articles, with two more manuscripts now under review. Zerr's work also took her to Japan, where she will return following graduation to teach English.

Benson spoke movingly about the effect that Lafayette had on his father, who never forgot his arrival at the base of College Hill as a member of the Class of 1926 carrying a suitcase, strapped together with a belt, that contained everything he owned. Benson concluded his remarks by presenting President Arthur Rothkopf '55 with his father's most prized possession: the pewter plate he had received in appreciation for his years of service to Lafayette. The plate will be permanently displayed in the new Pfenning Alumni Center.

Another highlight of the evening was the presentation of the George Washington Kidd, Class of 1836, Award to Fred Braun '55. This award, which recognizes distinguished career achievement by an alumnus or alumna, was presented to Braun by Pres. Rothkopf and Wynne Whitman '86, Alumni Association president, for his work in providing private-sector jobs for hundreds of prison inmates. During his remarks, Braun noted that he had been able to “have his cake and eat it, too” by combining a business venture with an opportunity to better society, and he encouraged students to identify a similar passion in their lives. A pioneer in providing private-sector jobs for prison inmates, Braun has run three companies in Leavenworth, Kan., that have employed hundreds of Kansas inmates over the years. He was an alumni trustee from 1980-85 and is a member of Maroon Club Hall of Fame. His contributions also include the creation of an endowment in honor of one of his special mentors at the College, Professor Johannes Gaertner. The fund serves as a permanent resource for the support of Lafayette's growing programs in art, music, and drama.

After a welcome by Alan R. Griffith '64, chair, Board of Trustees, and a financial aid overview by Barry W. McCarty, dean of enrollment services, Arlina B. DeNardo, director of financial aid, gave a talk on scholarships at Lafayette.

Benson is currently president of the United States-New Zealand Council and is responsible for overseeing the council's efforts to improve trade and investment opportunities between the two countries. He was previously vice president of federal and international affairs with Weyerhauser Company where he worked for 18 years. A government graduate, he is a member of the Board of Trustees and previously served as president of the Alumni Association. He created and supports an endowed scholarship fund in memory of his father, Frederick Benson Jr. '26.

Zerr, a Marquis Scholar, is a research aide and laboratory assistant in psychology. A resident adviser, Writing Associate, and tour guide, she is also president of Lafayette Environmental Awareness and Protection (LEAP). She worked with troubled girls during an internship at Kidspeace and participated in Alternative School Break, helping to build a house in Virginia.

Attendees included:
S. Robert '58 and Silas R. '88 Beane Scholarship Fund
S. Robert '58 and Rosa Beane
Leslie Saint '04
Idara Umoren '02

Frederick S. Benson '26 Scholarship Fund
Frederick S. '59 and Ann C. Benson

Katherine L. and K. Roald Bergethon Fund for Financial Aid
K. Roald and Katherine L. Bergethon

Howard A. Bernstein '59 Memorial Scholarship Fund
John Misino '02

Arthur A. Blaicher Memorial Scholarship Fund
Robert and Mary Blaicher Morrow P'74
Bruce R. Morrow '74
Martin Brecht '03
Bruce Wayne '04
Brendon Green '05

Bourger Family Scholarship Fund
Christopher Mack '04

Thomas M. Brown and Elsie Louise Daub Brown Scholarship Fund
Daniel Connolly '02

Thomas R. Carlson '27 Scholarship Fund
Shanna Stann '02

Jae Hong Cho '58 Scholarship Fund
Yonghyun Kim '02

Eugene H. II '36 and Maud Millicent Clapp Scholarship Fund
Meghan Oakley '04
Jennifer Bayer '03
Heather Bastian '03

Murray G. Clay '30 Award Fund
Stanley Cook '03

Cohen-McDonald Endowment
Martin D. Cohen and Beth McLain

Robert F. Conti '68 Scholarship Fund
Salvatore Caiazzo '03
Nancy Caiazzo P'03
Michael McConnell '04
Edward and Karen McConnell P'04

Cornell Family Scholarship Fund
Erin Reynolds '03

John T. '49 and Marge Dally Family Scholarship Fund
Mrs. John T. Dally W'49
Catherine Curcio '03
Karin Curcio P'00 '03
Craig '78 and Ann Dally
John Stubits '05
John and Linda Stubits P'05

Harry T. Davimos '10 Scholarship Fund
Brendan Cotter '02

Nicholas M. Day '74 Memorial Scholarship Fund
Bethany Boucher '04

Alfred E. Douglass III Family Endowment Fund
Thomas Hall '04

D. Darby '72 and Laura Duryea Scholarship Fund
D. Darby '72 and Laura Duryea
Idara Umoren '02

David W. Ellis Scholarship Fund
David W. Ellis

Maskell M. Ewing '35 Scholarship Fund
Brandon Selfridge '05

Jeffrey P. '65 and G. Kathryn Feather Financial Aid Fund for Student-Athletes
Jeffrey P. '65 and G. Kathryn Feather
Ka-Yi Lo '02

Mitchel '40 and Constance Flaum Scholarship Fund
Mitchel '40 and Constance S. Flaum
Jeremy Lucas '03

Cyrus S. Fleck Sr. '20 Scholarship Fund
Cyrus S., Jr. '52 and Jane S. Fleck
Monika Serrano '04

Francis J. Gafford '31 Scholarship Fund
Mrs. Francis J. Gafford W'31
Michael Lowe '03

Hugh P. Gallagher '57 Scholarship Fund
John Weyrauch '04

Marshall Gluck '65 Scholarship Fund in Memory of Abraham and Molly Trichter and Benjamin I. Gluck
Marshall Jay Gluck '65 and Carolyn Logan
Kamaka Martin '04

Daniel L. Golden '34 and Evelyn Golden Scholarship Fund
Daniel L. '34 and Alice Golden

Richard G. Goodwyn '61 Scholarship Fund
Richard B. Goodwyn Jr. '86
H'cone Thompson '03

Green Family Scholarship Fund
Kermit “Kit” Jr. '56 and Robin M. Green P'85, '92

William E. Greenip '44 Memorial Scholarship Fund
Andrew Rogers '03

Harold A. Hageman '39 and Roberta Oberer Hageman Scholarship Fund
Vincent Boyer '03

Hannemann Scholarship Fund
Lee Williams '03

Mary H. and Haubert J. Hansen '33 Scholarship Fund
Roger B. Hansen '65
Jennifer Langoski '03

Fred Heumann P'75 Scholarship Fund
Roger J. '75 and Amy Heumann
Len Marmitt '03

Cynthia A. Hofmann '84 Memorial Scholarship Fund
Stacey Wagner '03

Jon H. Holley '67 Memorial Scholarship Fund
Jessica MacDermant '02

Harold S. Hutchison '30 Scholarship Fund
Silvia Veltcheva '03

Richard C. '65 and Celeste III Scholarship Fund
Robert Steckert '03
Susan Steckert P'03

Jacqua Scholarship Fund
Sandra Furnbach '03

Edward A. Jesser Jr. '39 Scholarship Fund
Edward A. Jesser Jr. '39

Robert S. Johnstone '45 Scholarship Fund
Bruce '52 and Wilma Johnstone
Guangxi Wang '03

Gordon R. Jones, M.D. '59 Memorial Scholarshp Fund
William Sutey '04

Marjorie and Geoffrey Kalmanson '50 Endowed Scholarship Fund
Andrew McCarthy '05

Keefe Scholarship Fund
Kimberly Wilson '02

F.M. Kirby Foundation, Inc. Scholarship Fund
Jefferson W. '84 and Karen McCabe '87 Kirby
Kimberly Posocco '03

The Kiwanis Foundation Scholarship
Rev. Charles Bomboy

Paul O. Koether '58 Scholarship Fund
Patrick Doherty '04

Louis W. Kroner Scholarship Fund
Francis T. Schadler '03

Edwin C. and Estella Barto Landis Scholarship Fund
Edwin C. '56 and Frances Landis
Valerie Mazzola '03
Rebecca Geisler '03
Mia Lorenzetti '02

Richard M. Lieberman '52 Scholarship Fund
Richard M. Lieberman '52 and Jeanne George
James LaBuz '04

MacPherson Scholarship Fund
Ryan Waite '05

Maroon Club Scholarship
Laurie B. Samet '79
Brian Burke '02
Laura Nann '02

Joseph H. McCann III '75 Scholarship Fund
Joseph H. McCann III '75 and Jane Louise Olenchuk
Ruth and Henrie McCann
Gabriella Engelhart '05

George H. McKean '30 Scholarship Fund
Jerry A. and Sarah McKean Young P'01
Marko Glavic '04

McKelvy Scholarship Fund
Phashant Poddar '04

Richard A. Moore '69 Scholarship Fund
Richard A. '69 and Colleen Moore
Jonathan Christie '04

Theodore S. Morgan '53 Scholarship Fund
Theodore S. Morgan '53, P'83
Leslie P. Morgan '83
Trisha Slemmer '04

Thomas E. Morgan '58 Memorial Scholarship Fund
Mrs. Thomas E. Morgan W'58

Michael H. '59 and Connie Moskow Scholarship Fund
Michael H. Moskow '59

Joseph J. Moyer '32 and Ellen L. Moyer Scholarship Fund
Marko Lukin '04

Ludwig and Beatrice B. Muhlfelder Scholarship Fund
Leslie F. Muhlfelder, Esq. '81
Sarah Bassin '04

J. Lester '38 and Beatrice Mumma Scholarship Fund
Elizabeth A. DiFulvio '02
Giuliano and Theresa DiFulvio P'02

Neff Family Scholarship Fund
Thomas J. Neff '59

Christa and Walter Oechsle '57 Scholarship Fund
Walter Oechsle '57
Tsimafei Maroz '02
Ekaterina Jager '05

Mark S. Pavlovich '91 Memorial Scholarship Fund
Mr. and Mrs. Lucas J. Pavlovich P'91

Richard D. Paynton '52 Scholarship Fund
Mrs. Richard D. Paynon W'52, P'86
Amy Paynton P'04
Bradford Hill '02

Frank Thomas Pescatore Jr. '78 Memorial Scholarship Fund
Joseph '73 and Carol Pescatore '75 Harpster
Trisha Slemmer '04

Karl H., Ronald E. '54 and Barbara M. Philipp Mechanical Engineering Endowment Fund
Ronald E. '54 and Barbara M. Philipp
Timothy Dooner '02

Robert J. Pinto '58 Memorial Scholarship Fund
Marilyn Pinto W'58
Joseph Pinto
Stephen Pinto '89
Susan Pinto '90
Lisa Butler
Virginia Germano '03

Harry T. '38 and Marian W. Rice Scholarship Fund
Nathaniel Lonergan '04

David M. Roth '70 Scholarship Fund
David M. Roth '70
Jonathan Elam '03

Claude K. Rupert '32 Memorial Scholarship Fund
Kevin Swords '02

Saul Saidel Charitable Foundation Inc. Scholarship
Amanda Bochner '05

Georgiabelle and Thomas Harrison Scott Sr. Memorial Scholarship Fund
Janice Truszkowski '03

Walter A. '59 and Kate Scott Scholarship Fund
Walter A. Scott '59
Liam Tavani '03

John O.J. Shellenberger '29 Scholarship Fund
Sarah Yates '03
Christine Brown '02

Sigma Nu Alumni Association Scholarship Fund
William Dietz '05

William E. Simon Scholarship Fund
J. Peter and Janet Mauriello Simon '75
Patricia Brown '02
Daysi Pereira '05
Adam Donnelly '05

Richard Ramsey Siver, Class of 1966, Scholarship Fund
Matthew Mackey '04

Paul Winston and Helen Elizabeth Staples Memorial Scholarship Fund
Paula Staples Ballard

The Synod of the Trinity of the Presbyterian Church (USA) Scholarship Fund
Donald U. and Vivian Noblett

David L., Sr. and Helen J. Temple Study Abroad Endowment Fund
Riley K. Temple '71
Vivienne Felix '03

Boyer L. '53 and E. Barbara Veitch Scholarship Fund
Debbie Rhebergen '03
Jessica Schneck '04

John J. Veronis '48 Scholarship Fund
Lazar Nikolic '03
Sofia Kourtesis '04

Viola Johnsen Coltman Scholarship Fund
Jessica Martin '04

Herman B. Waldman '49 Scholarship Fund
Herman B. '49 and Elvira Waldman
Rebecca Novia '02

Thomas C. Walker '28, '54 Scholarship Fund
Daniel Kiessling '02

Robert L. Warren '40 Scholarship Fund
Kristopher Carey '04

Charles H. Weinreb Memorial Scholarship Fund
Ing Ang '04

Mark B. '55 and Roberta Weisburger Scholarship Fund
Mark B. '55 and Bobby Weisburger P'82
Chantal Pasquarello '02

J. Tylee Wilson '53 Scholarship Fund
Jenna Cece '02

James A. Wolff Memorial Scholarship Fund
Mrs. Ahlert D. Wolff

Philip D. '57, Joanne L., and Susan M. Wolfe '86 Scholarship Fund
Philip D. Wolff '57

Robert L. '58 and Judith C. Yohe Scholarship Fund
Robert L. Yohe '58
Jessica Dotson '02

Leonard Young '54 Scholarship Fund
Joel Cesare '04

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