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Theta Chi and Tri-Delt won the McGaughey Trophy for the Greek intramural championship in the men’s and women’s categories, respectively, for the 2001-2002 school year, while PT Farinon teams took both residence hall titles.

Tri-Delt won the women’s competitive racquetball, tug-of-war, and slow pitch softball events this semester on its way to a total of 1,225 points for the year (as of May 5.). Second-place finisher Alpha Gamma Delta had 728 points. (Complete standings are listed at the bottom of this article.)

Theta Chi finished with 1052 points in the standings, easily defeating second-place finisher FIJI, which had 873 points. Theta Chi won co-ed volleyball, Monopoly, and tug-of-war this spring.

The PT Farinon men earned 481 points this year and the women scored 184 points.

Jeff Childs of Fiji won the men’s competitive racquetball tournament, in which four pools of six to eight players competed Tuesdays and Thursdays Feb. 5-28 at Kirby Sports Center. Dan Huber of Phi Kappa finished second, and Marko Glavic of McKeen and Jody Feldman of Zeta Psi tied for third place.

In the men’s recreational racquetball league, Shreehar Sasikumar prevailed among two pools of six to eight competitors. Blaine Williams of Phi Psi finished second, and Walker Allen and Derek Strauss, both of Delta Upsilon, placed third.

In the women’s competitive racquetball division, Jessie Abel and Shana Merril, both of Tri-Delta, finished in first and second place, respectively, among five players. Jessica Molek of PT Farinon won the women’s recreational competition, in which six people competed, with Keri Allan of Tri-Delt taking second place.

Theta Chi teamed up with AGD to win the co-ed volleyball tournament, defeating Phi Kappa twice in the finals, held Feb. 23 in Kamine Gymnasium, Kirby Sports Center. PT Farinon earned third place and Kappa Kappa Kappa took fourth.

Seth Kaufer, Jeff Palen, and Chris Secules swept the Monopoly Marathon for Theta Chi, prevailing Feb. 6-7 on the third floor of Kirby Sports Center in an eight-player “cutthroat” tournament.

Cindy Lee and Tracy King of Alpha Phi won 8-ball billiards, held Feb. 25-March 1 on the third floor of Kirby Sports Center. Amanda Simone and Emilie George of Tri-Delta finished second. On the men’s side, Dave Mitchell and Peter Gray of Ruef won the tournament, followed by Jon-Paul Marnien and Josh Grubman of Phi Psi in second place. Dan Huber and Chris Fazen of Phi Kappa and Joe Labita and Brad Schundler of Zeta Psi tied for third.

Results for other spring events included:
Tug-of-War (April 5th, Friday, 4:15 pm until finished), Quad
1. Theta Chi
2. PT Farinon
3. Phi Psi
1. Tri-Delta III
2. Kappa Kappa Gamma
3. Kappa

Floor Hockey (February 19th – March 19th, Tuesday/Thursday, 4:30 pm-7:30 pm), Kamine Indoor Court
1. Rusty Trombones (Won 8-5)
2. 402
3. Chi Phi and FIJI
1. Sparks (Won 9-4) (Combination of Easton and McKeen)
2. Kappa Kappa Gamma
3. Delta Gamma and Tri-Delt

Badminton (April 8th, Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday, 7 p.m. until eliminated), Kamine indoor court
1. Guangxi Wang (ISA) (Won 2-0)
2. Chad Ritchie
3. Jodie Frey
1. May Chui (ISA) Won 2-0
2. Shana Merrill (Tri-Delt)

Indoor Soccer (March 4th, Monday, 7 pm-10 pm), Kamine indoor court
1. Leopards (won 10-2): Dan Huber, Mark Torr, Adam Willitsford, Asoka Ratnayake, Dave Woodruff, Jonathan Harder
2. Gates (upset FIJI to make finals) Freshmen Team
3. PT Farinon & FIJI
1. Independents (won 2-0): Brooke Keim, Stephanie Regan, Kate Yocum, Lisa Cosenza, Rachel Bouthot, Liz Scott, Brooke Soper, Mindy Morain, Lauren Uhler
2. PT Farinon
3. Moohahaha & Kappa Kappa Gamma

4-on-4 Flag Football (April 1st-May 9th), March Field
1. Art’s Army (Won 18-14): Art Owens, Spencer Williams, Paul Dzelzgalvis, Erinc Sen, Brian Holt
2. Deuce’s Juices
Showtime & Midget Warriors
1. Killaz (13- 6, undefeated): Nkechi Mbadugha, Crystal Taylor, Zakiyyah Haynesworth, Emefa Woananu, Jess Bogia, Patricia Brown, Stephani Dorsey, Janelle Smith, and Sarah Lowery; coached by Darren Lopez, George Taylor, and Darnal Azeez
2. Moohahaha
3. Delta Gamma

Bowling (February 20th – End of March, Wednesday Afternoon/Night), Warren Lanes
(21 teams in men’s division, 11 in women’s)
1. Dynasty (undefeated team won by one pin, 657-656)
2. What’s up Bra?
3. DKE 300 Club
1. AGD -3 (won by one pin, 501 – 500)
2. ISA Girls
3. Tri-Delta 1

Outdoor Volleyball (April 8th – April 23rd, Monday/Wednesday/Friday, 4:15 – 7:00 pm), March Field
1. The Process (all chemical engineers, won 2-1 with MVP Ryan Van Horn)
2. Tom’s Team
3. PT Farinon & Phi Psi
1. Club Volleyball (won 2-1 with MVP Erin Brune)
2. Tri-Delta

Mixed Doubles Tennis (April 3rd -April 28th, Wednesday, 7:00 – 10:00 pm), Sullivan Trail Tennis Courts
1. Spencer Williams of Lambda Lambda/Julia De Graf of ISA (won 7-5)
2. Jeff Palen of Theta Chi/Thea Fry of Tri-Delt

Slow Pitch Softball (April 9th – April 28th, Monday/Wednesday & Tuesday/Thursday, 4:15 -6:00 pm), Newlins Road intramural fields
1. Wonderbats (12-4, MVP Darren Lopez)
2. Chi Phi
3. Fiji Red Wings (FIJI)
1. Tri-Delt (7-1, MVP Shana Merril)
2. Ruef and Friends

Laser Tag (April 17th, 6:00 -12:00 am), Kamine Gym
1. Phi Psi
2. PT Farinon

Foosball (April 17th & 18th, Wednesday/Thursday, 7:00 pm until eliminated), Kirby Sports Center third floor
1. Gabriel Valentin/Tsimafei Maroz of ISA
2. Chris Fazen/Dan Huber of Phi Kappa
3. Jon Harder / Jonathan Evenden of Phi Kappa

Home Run Derby (April 24th, Wednesday, 4:15 pm), Newlins Road intramural fields
1. Jason Monico of DKE
2. Matt Kelp
1. Amanda Ohs (AGD)
2. Kate McGovern (Alpha Phi)

Team Golf (April 29th – May 2nd, Monday/Wednesday/Friday, 4;15 – 6:30 pm), Sawmill Golf Course
1. Harrison Richter/Joel Goldberg of FIJI (85 – 94 – 85)
2. Joe Grabowski/Dan Bowen (96- 85 – 85)
3. Jeff Childs/Tom Schegal of FIJI (99 – 92 – 88)

Frisbee Golf (May 2nd & 3rd, Thursday/ Friday, 4:15 – 5:00 pm), student-designed course on campus
1. Randy Copenhauer of Phi Kappa (47-47 tie, win went to Copenhauer for previous score)
2. Ian Gerenscer
3. Brian Quigley of Theta Chi
1. Beth Boucher (AGD) (won 63-76)
2. Heather Trautner (AGD)

The following are the standings after the year-long competition for the McGaughey Trophy (women’s point totals are as of May 8):

Women’s Greek
Tri-Delt 1225
AGD 728
Alpha Phi 550
ISA 350
Kappa Kappa Gamma 309
Phi Phi 240
Delta Gamma 225

Men’s Greek
Theta Chi 1052
FIJI 873
Phi Psi 866
ISA 856
Phi Kappa 482
Chi Phi 452
Zeta Psi 439
Lambda Lambda Lambda 380
Show Time 313
KDR 279

Women’s Residence Hall
PT Farinon 184
Easton 94
Ruef 76
Soles 37
McKeen 30

Men’s Residence Hall
P.T. Farinon 481
Gates 231
Easton 171
Watson 115
McKeen 95

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