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Rob Root, associate professor of mathematics, will speak on “Pi – It’s Not Just a Movie,” noon tomorrow in Pardee Hall room 227.

Free and open to the campus, the talk is the first Mathematical Adventures And Diversions event of the year. Lunch will be provided.

“Is the constant pi really close enough to three that it doesn’t make a difference?” asks Root. “The Indiana legislature thinks so. Another approximation is 22/7; is it close enough? Answering these questions will take us on a tour of a variety of interesting mathematical ideas, from generalizations of the limit to dynamical systems to continued fractions.

“You don’t need to know what any of these things mean to enjoy this talk. Willingness to see pretty pictures, explore unanticipated connections, and eat a free lunch is the only prerequisite.”

MAAD is a series of talks on mathematical topics and applications that are often not encountered in mathematics courses. Sponsored by the math department, they are open to the Lafayette community and assume no special preparation on the part of the audience.

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