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Alumni who are parents of current students and their sons and daughters attending Lafayette were honored at a reception and dinner Sept. 20 during Family Weekend. These students of alumni, known as legacies, and their parents were welcomed to campus by Lafayette Pres. Arthur J. Rothkopf ’55 and Carol Rowlands ’81, director of admissions.

Rowlands and John Leone, director of Alumni Affairs, presented the 33 legacy students in the Class of 2006 with Tiffany pewter pencil cups with the Lafayette seal and their engraved initials. Alumni parents and student legacies attending the dinner received enameled Lafayette Legacy pins.

Current Lafayette legacies are:

Class of 2006

Jodie Ahart, Thomas Ahart ’75
Mark Beisler, Scott Beisler ’80
Amy Bogart, Robert Bogart ’61
Katherine Bogden, Paul Bogden ’69
Neil Ciemniecki, Stanley Ciemniecki ’75
Matthew Coyle, John Coyle ’72
Lynne Desmond, Amy Blumenthal Desmond ’77
Rachel Elliott, Thomas Elliott ’75 and Diane Vollweiler Elliott ’74
Steven Gaffney, Steven Gaffney ’96
Elyse Garbus, Gary Garbus ’80
Barrett Goldsmith, Arthur Goldsmith ’71
Meghan Goodwin, Thomas Goodwin ’75
Stephanie Griggs, Daniel Griggs ’71
Jonathan Hellreich, Jay Hellreich ’79 and Catherine Delacey Hellreich ’82
Andrew Katz, Kenneth Katz ’68
Alexandria Kelly, Ann Haines Kelly ’82
Sean Lackey, Scott Lackey ’74
Michael Litman, Steven Litman ’75
Cedric Lourie, Joel Schram ’62
Marianna Macri, Robert Macri ’78
Jeffrey Monico, Raymond Monico ’74
Kimberly Moore, Frederick Moore ’78 and Lisa Rickard Moore ’79
Nicholas Raffetto, Theodore Raffetto ’77
Kristin Rhebergen, Paul Rhebergen ’73 and Marianne Okkema Rhebergen ’75
Jesslyn Roebuck, Edward Roebuck ’80 and Valerie Roessle Roebuck ’79
Erin Sauchelli, Claudia Gelb Sauchelli ’79
Robert Schiller, Robert Schiller ’71
Katherine Schubel, John Schubel ’66
Amy Schwartz, Norman Schwartz ’72
Elizabeth Shriner, James Shriner ’74
Thomas Struck, Kenneth Struck ’76 and JoAnne Buonanno Struck ’75
David Van Der Beek, David Van Der Beek ’72 and Karen Stevens Van Der Beek ’75
Michael Xanthopoulos, James Xanthopoulos ’49

Class of 2005

Robyn Appel, Arthur Appel ’76 & Cathy Altschul Appel ’77
Stephanie Benash, Chester Benash ’73
Gregory Bouton, Robert Bouton ’72
Amanda Caprio, Orlando Caprio ’74
David Crawford, Gregory Crawford ’68
Ingrid DeVries, Kenneth DeVries ’80
William Dietz, Andrew Dietz ’73
Cantrell Donley, Cynthia Stephens Donley ’75
Daniel Fast, Donald Fast ’76
Erica Flynn, Lawrence Flynn ’76
Timothy Gocke, Phil Gocke ’73
Matthew Grossman, Joel Barry Grossman ’74
Emily Groves, Bruce Groves ’75
Matthew Guadagno, Michael Guedagno ’75
Mark Halderman, John Halderman ’73
Matthew Harakal, Thomas Harakal ’71
Catherine Hobby, Douglas Hobby ’61
Theodore Kramer, Marshall Kramer ’68
Evan Lavino, George Lavino ’64
Shanette Lawrence, Richard Lawrence ’77
Katherine Layng, John Layng ’75
Marian Lee, S. Peter Lee ’73
Ashley McDowell, Gary McDavell ’72
David Mitchell, Walter Mitchell ’66
Christopher Peyman, James Peyman ’77
Brian Roach, Harold Roach ’74
Laura Roberts, Ralph Roberts ’73
Suzanne Ryder, Henry Ryder ’67
Kathryn Sayles, John Sayles ’77
Maura Scolere, Joseph Scolere ’67
Jason Seidman, Barry Seidman ’74
Maret Smolow, Mitchell Smolow ’73
Deanna Stoddard, Thomas Stoddard ’64
Brett Strouse, Robert Strouse ’70
Ellen Tarves, James Tarues ’72
Sheena Travaglini, Gunard Travaglini ’72
Virginia Whetstone, Marian Lafferty Whetstone ’76

Class of 2004

Michael Altmeier, George Altmeier ’79
Janelle Amidon, David Amidon ’79 & Carol Maltz Amidon ’79
Andrea Behler, Andrew Behler ’81
Douglas Burke, David Burke’79 & Francey Kanengiser Burke ’80
Riley Carr , Sharon Lorent Carr ’74
Marisa Damiano, Mark Damiano ’74
Andrea Donaghy, Cheryl Johnson ’83
Abigail Frueh, Donald Frueh ’70
Talbot Fucci, F. Mark Fucci ’73
Paul Germain, Arthur Germain ’71
Meredith Hahn, Jeffrey Hahn ’78
Caroline Harrington, William Harrington ’70
Shaun Heilmann, Gerard Heilmann ’77
Caitlyn Herman, Kent Herman ’71
P. Nicholas Hoffmann, Frank Hoffmann ’70
Michelle Kamine, Harold Kamine ’78 & Kathleen Coogan Kamine ’78
Andrea Koury, Leonard Koury ’80
Jill Marvin , Douglas Marvin ’69
Michael McAfee, Michael McAfee ’78
Jessica Schneck, Jere Schneck ’83
Michael Shannon, John Shannon ’70
Ilana Strauss, James Strauss ’68
Andrew Thomas, Daniel Thomas ’71
Christopher Turano, James Turano ’75
John Zembron, John Zembron ’74

Class of 2003

Allison Ahart, Edward Ahart ’69
Morgan Albus, Robert Albus ’68
Robert Andrews, William Andrews ’71
Karin Bennett, James Bennett ’70
Ansley Cox, Joseph Cox ’68
Peggy Dozsa, John Dozsa ’63
Charles Druckman, Stephen Druckman ’63
Katherine Ferretti, Bruce Ferretti ’87
Daniel Gardner, Fed Gardner ’70
Joshua Grubman, Stanley Grubman ’73
Gregory Haddad, Frederick Haddad ’70
Brian Hobby, Douglas Hobby ’61
Margot Huber, Joseph Huber ’68
Jamie Jacobs, Sherwin Jacobs ’63
Matthew Johnston, Donald Johnston ’65
Geoffrey Kintzer, Donald Kintzer ’69
Gregory LaConte, Thomas LaConte ’70
Michael Lutz, James Lutz ’87
Lauren Mandaglio, Bart Mandaglio ’69
Mark Marina, Samual Marina ’55
Leanne Martin, James Martin ’73
Heather Moll, John Moll ’75
Krista Moody, Peter Moody ’65
Justin Pinck, Lawrence Pinck ’73
Matthew Prevost, Louis Prevost ’71
Christopher Reich, Orville Reich ’69
Deborah Rhebergen, Paul Rhebergen ’73
Sarah Rosenzweig, Philip Rosenzweig ’68
Lauren Schwartz, Norman Schwartz ’72
Julianna Struck, Kenneth Struck ’76 & Joanne Buonanno Struck ’75
Kristin Valvanis, John Valvanis ’67
W. Alexander Walker, Wirt Walker ’68
Stephanie Weaver, George Weaver ’72 & Sylvia Daniels Weaver ’75
Tara Yamaoka, John Yamaoka ’63
G. Adam Yankowich, George Yankowich ’70
Elizabeth Youngkin, James Youngkin ’74

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