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Lafayette College Student Government: Sept. 5, 2002

An official meeting of the 2002 Student Government was held Sept. 5 in the Farinon Center, Room 12 at 7:05 p.m. There were 14 members present.

Morgan Albus — President
Amy Giacobone — Vice President
Alex Karapetian — Secretary
Elizabeth Harris — Treasurer
Jonathan Cohn — Greek Liaison
Kate Dickie — Student Life
Lee Goldfarb — Community Affairs
Jenna Menard — Multicultural Affairs
Andrew Van Raalte — Farinon Student Services
Jessica Rowlands — Academic Affairs
Charlotte Smith — Student Organizations
Liza Laird — Public Relations
Brad Ship — Campus Student Services
Meredith Walburg — Student Life
Elizabeth Koskinen — Elections

I. President's Report – Morgan Albus
B. Congratulations to Laiza Laird who is the new chair of Public Relations.
C. Wellness Day will be on October 13.
D. Memorial events for September 11th will be held on Wednesday. All Government members
are expected to attend.
E. Exec members will start meeting with their individual groups from last semester. Please sign up and schedule meeting times.
F. The Government's webpage will be up soon.

II. Vice President's Report – Amy Giacobone
A. Associate Rep
1. Meeting on Monday, September 9th at 4:00p.m to reiterate responsibilities.
2. Contacted Professor Slaught regarding scheduling times to meet.

III. Secretary's Report – Alex Karapetian
A. All the keys for the government office are ready to be picked up.
B. Office Hours will begin next week.

IV. Campus Student Services – Brad Ship
A. Will call to start the shuttle bus transportation to the mall.
B. Will get a list of lighting issues.
C. Will contact Hugh Harris, Director of Public Safety, regarding Public Safety acting off campus.

V. Academic Affairs – Jessica Rowlands
A. Will be contacting faculty regarding the Dean's Excuse policy.
B. The Faculty Tea is set for Friday, September 13. Invitations will go out on September 6.

VI. Student Life- Meredith Walburg
A. Inquiring about Student Government overseeing the Senior Class Council.

VII. Student Organizations – Charlotte Smith
A. The Art Society will be here next week to approve their constitution.

VIII. Community Affairs – Lee Goldfarb
A. Will schedule a meeting with the organizers of Wellness Day because the government's teacher luncheon conflicts with it.
B. Will meet with Kate Wick and other Outreach members next week.

IX. Multicultural Affairs – Jenna Menard
A. Meeting with Dean Spell for lunch to discuss multicultural concerns.
B. Noticed the overall visible integration on campus so far this year.

X. Greek Liaison – Jonathan Cohn
A. IFC Meeting
1. Dave Stollman is coming to speak about Greek Life on September 17 at 7 p.m. in Colton Chapel.
2. Safe Rides will begin soon.
B. Meeting with Elliot Sokalsky
1. Spoke about the direction of Greek Life and our expectations for the upcoming year.

XI. Elections – Liz Koskinen
Freshman Class Council and Senior Class Council elections will be held on the 17th and 18th of September.
A. Will send out flyers to the seniors and freshman informing them about the elections.

XII. Farinon Food Services – Andrew Van Raalte
The Dining Committee will be formed soon.
A. Student Government will soon be awarding the Food Service employee of the month.
B. Met with Fred Quivey and has gathered informative information regarding meal equivalencies.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:10pm. These are the official minutes of the Student Government.

Respectfully Submitted,
Alex Karapetian

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