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Student Government Meeting Minutes: Oct. 18, 2002

An official meeting of the 2002 Student Government was held in the Farinon Center, Room 12 at 12:05 p.m. There were 10 members present.

Morgan Albus — President
Amy Giacobone — Vice President
Alex Karapetian — Secretary
Elizabeth Harris — Treasurer
Jonathan Cohn — Greek Liaison
Kate Dickie — Student Life
Lee Goldfarb — Community Affairs
Jenna Menard — Multicultural Affairs
Andrew Van Raalte — Farinon Student Services
Jessica Rowlands — Academic Affairs
Charlotte Smith — Student Organizations
Liza Laird — Public Relations
Brad Ship — Campus Student Services
Meredith Walburg — Student Life
Elizabeth Koskinen — Elections

I. President’s Report – Morgan Albus
B. The Ethics Conference will be held on November 4-6 at West Point.
C. Please give Lee $10 for the Diabetes Walk.
D. Attended the Lafayette/Lehigh meeting. Joe Benotto will offer to give the government $575 worth of food for the pep rally and the committee will help publicize the event.
E. Thank you Liza for helping make the banner for ticket sales for the game.
F. I am writing a letter to The Lafayette to inform update everyone on what the government is doing.

II. Multicultural Affairs – Jenna Menard
A. Emailed Dean Spell about meeting with the POSSE students and forwarded it to Gary Miller.
B. The first multicultural recruiting meeting is on Tuesday, October 22 at 7:00 p.m.
III. Community Affairs – Lee Goldfarb
A. Student Government is teaming up with the Coalition for a Smoke Free Valley on Wellness Day.
B. The Blood Drive is on November 18 from 10:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. I am sending a letter to the alumni and faculty informing them on the event.
1) This year there is a competition between the colleges in the Lehigh Valley. Our goal is to collect 150 registered people for the blood drive.

IV. Campus Student Services – Brad Ship
A. Looking for input on lighting to bring to a meeting with Fred Quivey.

V. Academic Affairs – Jessica Rowlands
A. Met with biology professor Nancy Waters and are starting an initiative at “What to Expect From Sciences.” This will be a way to help non-majors choose required sciences.
B. My meeting with the Provost was pushed back to next week, but I am emailing with her and will add to the list the discussion regarding the honor code instruction in FYS or College Writing Classes.

VI. Student Life – Kate Dickie
A. The pep rally will be planned by November 1.
1) ASB will be involved with the pep rally.

The meeting was adjourned at 12:50 p.m. These are the official minutes of the Student Government.
Respectfully Submitted,
Alex Karapetian

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