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Students, faculty, and alumni will present original plays, performance art, music, and poetry in the tenth annual Fringe festival.

Each evening offers surprises as participants push the boundaries of what defines theater. All Fringe events are free and open to the public.

This year’s line-up includes a residency by New York photographer Bill Hayward ’65, pioneer of portraiture. Selections from his book Bad Behavior are on display in Skillman Library through December. He will give a performance in conjunction with his exhibit 4:15 p.m. Monday, Nov. 18, in the all-night study lounge of Skillman.

Hayward will spend the rest of his residency, which is sponsored by Friends of Skillman Library, creating signature images for his “American Memory Project.” He will photograph a mix of students, faculty, and staff in the Farinon College Center and Williams Center for the Arts. There will also be an opportunity for others to participate through sign-ups at Monday’s presentation.

“Original Performance Nights” will take place Nov. 20, 21, and 22 at the Williams Center for the Arts. The schedule:

Wednesday, November 20
8:00 — Played Out (peer education theater group)
8:30 — “Just in Love” (psychology major Suzanne Montgomery ’03)
8:35 — “My life had stood — a loaded gun” (Elissa Molloy ’05)
8:40 — “The Color of Me” (government and law major Erin McKan ’05)
8:45 — Songs from Aida (Toni Ahrens ’05)
8:55 — Scene from Angels in America (English major Erin Weidenbush ’03)
9:10 — Whose Line Is It Anyway? (music major Jack Furlong ’05)
9:30 — Amorality at Play (new play by English major Katherine Rewinkel ’03)

Thursday, November 21
8:00 — “Polars” by Paul Hogan (Tom DiGiovanni ’96, director of Lafayette Pep and Concert Bands; piano and percussion duet)
8:10 — UnoMas2MasNoMas: Mas than you can handle (Tom Struck ’06 and art major Julianna Struck ’03)
8:25 — “Buck Ain’t No Ordinary Dog” (Bill Lepp, operations director of Williams Center for the Arts)
8:35 — Untitled (Tom DiGiovanni ’96 and Co., spoken word and music)
8:40 — from Beyond Therapy (English major Frances Mahoney ’04)
8:55 — A Plethora of Monday Afternoons (art major Amanda Lyons ’03 and creative writing students)
9:30 — drumming group

Friday, November 22
8:00 — Songs by Mike Bruno ’05
8:15 — “Seasonal Rovings” (poetry by English major Emily Ginsberg ’03)

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