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Lafayette College Student Government
October 24, 2002

An official meeting of the 2002 Student Government was held in the Farinon Center, Room 12 at 7:10 p.m. There were 13 members present.

Morgan Albus — President
Amy Giacobone — Vice President
Alex Karapetian — Secretary
Elizabeth Harris — Treasurer
Jonathan Cohn (excused) –Greek Liaison
Kate Dickie — Student Life
Lee Goldfarb — Community Affairs
Jenna Menard — Multicultural Affairs
Andrew Van Raalte — Farinon Student Services
Jessica Rowlands (excused) — Academic Affairs
Charlotte Smith — Student Organizations
Liza Laird — Public Relations
Brad Ship — Campus Student Services
Meredith Walburg — Student Life
Elizabeth Koskinen — Elections

I. President’s Report – Morgan Albus
B. Received a thank you letter from President Rothkopf addressed to the government regarding the trustee dinner.
C. Have not heard back from the organizers of the Ethics Conference. Unfortunately, we will be unable to attend.
D. Please give Lee $10 for the Diabetes Walk.
E. Wrote a letter to the Lafayette Newspaper informing them of what the government has achieved thrughout the semester.
F. Brad will look into placing garbage cans on March Street to help lessen trash on the street.
G. The website is up and ready to go. Please view it and let me know if you would like anything to be added.
H. There is an AIDS symposium meeting this Friday at 12:00 p.m. Anyone interested please let me know.
I. Hillel is having an auction to raise money. For anyone interested, there is a meeting on November 5.
J. Elections for the next government will be held during the second week of November.

II. Vice President’s Report – Amy Giacabone
Please check up on your committees. Make sure that they attend their meetings and respond back to me.

III. Secretary’s Report – Alex Karapetian
A Office Hours have begun. Missed office hours will result in unexcused abscences.
B. Collect rep reports.

IV. Multicultural Affairs – Jenna Menard
A. Will meet with Gary Miller to get an update on the POSSE Students.
B. Went to the Multicultural Recruitment meeting on Tuesday.
1) We went through the events from Prologue 2002 and made some suggestions to improve the program. Everyone agreed that we need to get more students involved and have a better representation of the whole campus so we avoid giving an unrealistic impression of Lafayette.

V. Student Life – Meredith Walburg
A. FCC Officers
Andrew Kasman – President
Marta Murzek – Treasurer
Rebecca Jackson – Secretary
B. FCC is having an event. Please come and support them.
C. Last year’s FCC overspent their budget by $200. Please allocate this back next semester.
D. Working on the pep rally with Kate
1). T-shirts/handouts – Meeting with Schwab Printing tomorrow. Cadence and the Courduroys will be singing at the pep rally. Having a meeting on Monday with the Sports Marketing Club, Cadence, Chorduroys, ASB, Pep Band, Dancers, Cheerleaders, Student Alumni Association, and the captains of the Football Team.
2). Also, meeting with Plant Operations tomorrow and the dining services on Monday to discuss the pep rally.
3). Making a bulletin board with information for the countdown for the pep rally.

VI. Elections – Liz Koskinen
A. Student Government elections will be held on November 11th and the 12th.
B. All nominations are due by November 7th by noon.

VII. Community Affairs – Lee Goldfarb
A. Wellness Day was a success. Received a thank you letter from Mary Ellen from the Coalition for a Smoke Free Valley and will pass it on.
B. The blood drive is on November 18. Sign up days are during lunch in Farinon.

VIII. Campus Student Services – Brad Ship
A. Will be meeting with Fred Quivey to discuss issues brought to the Trustee dinner on November 11th.
B. Will be talking to Bruce Feretti about having trash cans on March Street,

The meeting was adjourned at 9:00 p.m. These are the official minutes of the Student Government.
Respectfully Submitted,
Alex Karapetian

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