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Biochemistry graduate Seth Kaufer ’02 and biology graduate Robert LaTerra ’02 have coauthored separate papers with Lafayette faculty that have been published in scientific journals focusing on parasitology.

Bernard Fried, professor emeritus of biology, Joseph Sherma, professor emeritus of chemistry, and Michael Chejlava, instrumentation specialist in Lafayette’s chemistry department, collaborated with Kaufer on “Effects of Euhaplorchis californiensis (Trematoda) infection on metallic ions in the host snail Cerithidea californica (Gastropoda),” published in Parasitology Research.

“This study examined the pathochemical effects of a larval trematode infection on the medically important marine snail Cerithidea californica,” says Fried. “The paper was based in part on an honors thesis in chemistry by Mr. KauferDr. Chejlava was the lead supervisor of Seth Kaufer in the metal ion analyses, and without his expertise we could not have undertaken a project in this area.”

Fried also collaborated with LaTerra on “In vitro and in vivo encystment on the cercariae of Enchinostoma caproni,” published in Journal of Parasitology.

LaTerra, who worked on the topic with Fried in an independent study during his senior year, is a first-year medical student at Jefferson Medical College in Philadelphia. He previously published articles with Fried and Yonghyun Kim ’02 in The Korean Journal of Parasitology and Journal of Helminthology. He also presented his research at the 78th Annual Meeting of the Pennsylvania Academy of Science last year.

Kaufer has published research with Joseph Sherma, professor emeritus of chemistry, and Stacey D. Wagner ’03 in Journal of Liquid Chromatography & Related Technologies.

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