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The Jan. 28 Student Government meeting was called to order at 4:35 pm.

Lee Goldfarb, President — present
Liz Koskinen, Vice President — present
Jon Cohn, Treasurer — present
Charlotte Smith, Secretary — present
James LaBuz, Student Life — present
Sarah Hazel, Student Life — present
Ryan Sackmar, Academic Affairs — present
Dan LaTerra, Greek Liaison — present
Josie Dykstra, Community Affairs — present
Susan Anamier, Multicultural Affairs — present
Amy Scwartz, Election Chair — present
Ryan Lawlis, Student Organizations — present
Andrew Kasman, Campus Student Services — excused
Aly Dewji, Farinon Student Services — present
Colby Block, Public Relations — present

Lee Goldfarb – President
-Meetings will be held on Tuesdays at 4:30 pm except for the first Tuesday of each month when they will be held on Monday at 6:30 pm. This is due to the faculty meetings held on the first Tuesday of each month.
-Goal-setting meeting will be held in the Faculty Dining Room in Marquis on Sunday, Feb. 9, at 4:30 pm.
-We are trying to set up monthly programs to help Lafayette Student Government get involved with the community. Liz, Sue, Dan, Sarah, Ryan, and Colby will be on this committee.
-A town meeting will be one of the monthly events. The committee for this evening will be Amy, Josie, James, and Lee.

Liz Koskinen – Vice President
-Library hours may be extended until 2 am from Sunday until Wednesday of each week. If possible, we would like the library to be open 24 hours a day.

Charlotte Smith – Secretary
-A list is being submitted to Plant Operations for release of the keys to the Student Government Office to all new Student Government members.
-Office Hours were established for the month of February on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 12-1 pm.

The meeting was adjourned at 5:17 pm.

Faithfully Submitted,
Charlotte Smith

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