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Nail-biting finishes decided two of the three championship games in five-on-five intramural basketball, and the race for the McGaughey Trophy in the Greek division is shaping up to be just as hotly contested.

In action through yesterday, FIJI holds a four-point lead over Process (475-471) in the men’s bracket, having jumped from third to first place. Tri-Delt also rallied from third place to lead women Greeks with 413 points, followed by Alpha Phi with 397 points. Keefe Hall holds leads of more than 100 points and 70 points in the men’s and women’s residence hall leagues, respectively. (Complete standings are listed at the bottom of this article.)

Although the name “Pillows” would hardly strike fear in the hearts of hoops opponents, the team of football players carrying that moniker won the five-on-five men’s basketball championship. Surprisingly, Pillows was not among the three teams that won all six regular season games (G Unit, The Hunters, and Art Free), entering the playoffs at 4-1-1. G Unit defeated Pillows in the regular season, but lost a stunning rematch in the championship, 26-16. Pillows include MVP John Weyrauch and teammates Curt Wilson, Pat Brown, John Frank Stubitts, Marko Glavic, Tim Walsh, Matt Jackson, Ryan Maloney, and Joel Cesare. KOD and Art Free tied for third place in a league that included more than 50 total games among the teams in Kamine Gymnasium of Kirby Sports Center.

It took nerves of steel for both teams battling in the championship of the men’s recreational division, as McKeen and Tom (McKeen Hall) squeaked out a 30-29 overtime victory over Very Good-Dynasty (Brothers of Lafayette). The margin was close throughout the game, which pitted rival teams that went 5-1 in the regular season. The game went into overtime as a possible foul at the buzzer went uncalled. With the game knotted at 29, a foul call at this buzzer gave McKeen a chance to win. The team committed a violation on the first attempt, but made the second to win the game. MVP Tom Struck led the way for teammates Geoff Dean, Azad Assadispour, Givanni Martinez, and Alex Kadel. Denny’s Rejects (5-1 regular season) and Bruce’s Chum (4-2, Delta Upsilon) tied for third place.

Carrying a 9-0 record into the championship, the Sigma Nu team narrowly won the women’s five-on-five basketball title, 22-20, over Dattos. A three-pointer by Dattos (7-2 regular season) in the final seconds could have won the game, and a put-back from the offensive rebound as time expired almost sent it into overtime. Sigma Nu included Carrie Frazer, named Most Valuable Player, and Nicole Krauss, Julie Bateman, Jackie Fitzgerald, Danielle Bernotsky, and Sue Anamier. Alpha Phi finished in third place. The basketball tournaments took place Feb. 3-26 in Kamine Gynasium of Kirby Sports Center.

Shreedher Sasikumar won all five regular season matches in Pool A of the men’s competitive racquetball division, followed by Garret Nicodemus of Process with a 4-1 mark. In Pool B, John Troxell opened at 5-0, with independent Mike Faragalli and Paul Staub of FIJI at 4-1. Joe Compitello of FIJI and Scott North of KDR had spotless records after five matches each in Pool C.

Alex Balan of International Students Association, Nate Wilcox of Delta Upsilon, and David Homsher of Watson Hall went undefeated in their first four matches in Pool A of the men’s racquetball recreational division, with Erik Person of Keefe Hall taking three of four. Derek Strauss of Delta Upsilon and Miguel Rodriguez of Phi Psi both won their first four matches in Pool B, followed by Terrence Monte of DU with a 3-1 mark.

In women’s racquetball, Tri-Delt’s Shana Merrill and Jessie Abel both led with 4-1 records. Caitlin McGee set the tone in the novice division with a 5-0 record.

Playoff results for racquetball will be reported shortly in a future article.

Sixteen men and 20 women participated in coed volleyball Feb. 22 in Kamine Gymnasium of Kirby Sports Center. The Process team dominated International Students Association in regular season play, taking both games in the best-of-three match, then repeated the feat in the finals, prevailing 11-6, 11-3. Process was represented by Stanley Cook, Michael Barrett, Brian Root, Ryan Van Horn, Garret Nicodemus, Ashley Watamura, and Jenn Corvina. The PT Farinon squad finished third.

Keefe Hall welcomed winter by winning the First Flake Contest, putting together a snowman with “Keefe ’03” written on its body and a face comprised of sticks, buttons, and a carrot nose. Tri-Delt took second place with a fat, mouthless snowman that had wreaths around its body, leaves on its head, and a small “snowcat” with a scarf by its side.

A good investment strategy and plenty of luck with the dice allowed Victoria Picone of Tri-Delt to win the Monopoly Marathon. Played Feb. 5-6 on the third floor of Kirby Sports Center, the co-ed tournament started with four boards of four players each, and the winners advanced to a four-person final. Tarik Ghanim of ISA and Erik Person of Keefe Hall finished second and third, respectively.

The following are semester standings in the quest for the McGaughey Trophy (ranking followed by previous rank), with points included for the events mentioned above, as well as the Super Shooter Contest:

Women’s Greek Division
1 (3) Tri-Delt – 413
2 (1) Alpha Phi – 397
3 (5) AGD – 312
4 (2) DG – 232
5 (4) Pi Phi – 157
6 (6) Kappa – 141
7 (7) ISA – 82

Men’s Greek Division
1 (3) FIJI – 475 points
2 (1) Process – 471
3 (2) ISA – 388
4 (4) Zeta Psi – 296
5 (5) Brothers of Lafayette – 272
6 (6) Phi Psi – 264
7 (7) Chi Phi – 264
8 (8) Kappa Delta Rho – 242
9 (9) Delta Upsilon – 241
10 (10) Theta Chi – 40

Women’s Residence Hall Division
1 (1) Keefe – 100 points
2 (2) Watson – 30
3 (3) McKeen – 25
4 (4) Ruef – 5

Men’s Residence Hall Division
1 (1) Keefe – 419 points
2 (2) Watson – 283
3 (3) PT Farinon – 258
4 (6) Ruef – 134
5 (5) McKeen –128

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