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With first place switching hands regularly and late charges turning dark horses into contenders, the quest for the intramural championship in the men’s and women’s Greek divisions may go down to the wire this year.

Buoyed by Garret Nicodemus’ half-court shot during an incredible 20-point victory in the Super Shooter Contest, Process has overtaken FIJI to hold a razor-thin lead in the men’s Greek division, 476 to 475, as of Monday’s games. However, FIJI teams are faring better than Process in two of three ongoing competitions, making another lead change quite possible. International Students Association is very much in the race with 405 points.

Among women Greeks, Jessie Abel’s victories in racquetball and the Super Shooter Contest helped Tri-Delt remain in first place (438 points) after climbing from third place earlier this semester, followed by former first-place team Alpha Phi (397) and Alpha Gamma Delta (354), which was in fifth place not long ago. Keefe Hall has dominated the men’s and women’s recreational leagues all season, enjoying comfortable leads in both. (Complete McGaughey Trophy standings are listed at the bottom of this article.)

Keefe Hall’s women enter the bowling playoffs with a perfect 4-0 record, followed by two AGD teams at 3-1, and Alpha Phi’s third squad, which split four games. In Pool A of men’s bowling, Pocket Pounder heads into the playoffs with four wins, followed by Process and Dynasty II, which both racked up three wins. In Pool B, Canadian Ruef (Ruef Hall), P.T. Farinon, and Blue Bells each won three games; Rat Elves backed in with a 1-3 mark.

The field is still wide open in men’s soccer, with four teams at 2-0 — Gateway and Tea Money (Pool A), and KDR A and Fredo (Pool B). Other teams with at least one tie are Zeta Psi, Third Floor, FIJI, Lafayette Crew, and Keefe Hall. On the women’s side, The Divas are 2-0, NO Styx and Washed Up Athletes are 1-0, and Keefe Hall is 0-1. Two winless teams have been eliminated.

Chi Phi has waxed its opponents in the regular season of men’s floor hockey, taking all five of its games in a six-game league. FIJI is in second place at 4-1 and Blades of Steel sits in third at 3-2.

Lady Luck took a liking to Gretel Raibeck of AGD and Matt Root of P.T. Farinon, who won the backgammon tournaments of the women’s and men’s divisions, respectively, March 4 and 6 in Gilbert’s. Root lost the first set in the finals, but forced sudden death against Alex Sarris of Phi Psi, then won by one piece on the very last square. Raibeck went undefeated in improving on last year’s second-place finish. She was followed by Tri-Delt’s Abel in second and AGD sister Heather Trautner in third.

Played Feb. 26 in Kamine Gymnasium of Kirby Sports Center, the Super Shooter Contest gave competitors 30 seconds to try four mid-range two-point shots, two layups worth one point each, a three-point shot at the top of the key, and a seven-point half-court shot. A ten-point bonus was available for anyone making all of the shots. Ten free throws worth one point each followed, with a ten-point bonus for making all ten. Nicodemus shot the lights out, nailing every regular shot, including the half-court heave, with time still left on the clock. He then sank eight of ten free throws for an amazing 38 points – 20 points better than runner-up Nkrumah Pierre of Gates Hall. Floyd Brown of Public Safety finished third. Abel took the women’s Super Shooter title with 14 points, followed by Tri-Delt sister Marissa Damiano.

The racquetball tournaments were decided in Kirby Sports Center one day earlier. An injury to favorite Shana Merrill left the door open in the women’s competitive division for Abel, who won both games in the finals. Assisted by the playoff exit of favorite John Troxell (5-0 regular season), FIJI’s Paul Staub and Joe Compitello took first and second place, respectively, on the men’s side, after opening the season with 5-0 marks. Shreedhar Sasikurmar of ISA, who also won all five regular season matches, was third. In the recreational league, independent Caitlin McGee and Alex Balan of ISA won the women’s and men’s titles, respectively, after going undefeated all season and in the playoffs. Derek Strauss of Delta Upsilon earned second place, while David Homsher of Watson Hall and Miguel Rodriquez of Phi Psi tied for third.

Brothers of Lafayette competitors Chris Nixon and Sidney Gantt went undefeated in every game of the 8-ball billiards tournament, taking the finals, 3-0, over Peter Gray and Jake Sechrist of KDR. Nick Ferraco and John Semiz finished third. The tournament ran Feb. 24-28 on the third floor of Kirby Sports Center, with 13 pairs competing.

Women’s Greek Division
1 (1) Tri-Delt – 438
2 (2) Alpha Phi – 397
3 (3) AGD – 354
4 (2) DG – 232
5 (4) Pi Phi – 157
6 (6) Kappa – 141
7 (7) ISA – 82

Men’s Greek Division
1 (2) Process – 476 points
2 (1) FIJI – 475
3 (3) ISA – 405
4 (5) Brothers of Lafayette – 302
5 (4) Zeta Psi – 296
6 (6) Phi Psi – 284
7 (7) Chi Phi – 281
8 (8) Kappa Delta Rho – 22
9 (9) Delta Upsilon – 241
10 (10) Theta Chi – 40

Women’s Residence Hall Division
1 (1) Keefe – 100 points
2 (2) Watson – 30
3 (3) McKeen – 25
4 (4) Ruef – 5

Men’s Residence Hall Division
1 (1) Keefe – 429 points
2 (2) Watson – 318
3 (3) PT Farinon – 288
4 (6) Ruef – 134
5 (5) McKeen –128

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