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The Student Government meeting was called to order 4:18 pm. All 15 members were present.

Minutes from 2/18/03 were approved.
Motion: Jon
Passes: Dan

Lee Goldfarb, President — present
Liz Koskinen, Vice President — present
Jon Cohn, Treasurer — present
Charlotte Smith, Secretary — present
James LaBuz, Student Life — present
Sarah Hazel, Student Life — present
Ryan Sakmar, Academic Affairs — present
Dan LaTerra, Greek Liaison — present
Josie Dykstra, Community Affairs — present
Susan Anamier, Multicultural Affairs — present
Amy Schwartz, Election Chair — present
Ryan Lawlis, Student Organizations — present
Andrew Kasman, Campus Student Services — present
Aly Dewji, Farinon Student Services — present
Colby Block, Public Relations — present

Lee Goldfarb – President
-Student Government T-Shirts are being created.
-Neil McElroy talked to Student Government about the library renovation.
-Student Government is working to become more involved with student organizations and campus events.

Liz Koskinen – Vice President
-Working on bringing a speaker to campus to discuss the issue of eating disorders.
-New Associate Reps have been selected and are being notified.
-I received a call from Barry Web Inc. about student online elections and surveys. I will be calling him back to set up a meeting.
-The Athletic Committee submitted its minutes. I am working on getting other committees to submit theirs.

Charlotte Smith – Secretary
-March office hours were established.

Jon Cohn – Treasurer
-Student Government will co-sponsor the abortion speaker and contribute $100.00.
-Allocated $500.00 to Marquis literary magazine.
Motion: Dan
Passes: Charlotte
-A decision on Lafapolooza was tabled until a later date.
Motion: Amy
Passes: Liz

Ryan Sakmar – Academic Affairs
-Faculty Tea is set for March 10th at 4:15 pm. Food and beverages will be served.
-Topics of discussion will be discussed at a later date.

Dan LaTerra – Greek Liaison
-Greek Week is April 6-13.
April 6th: MS walk
April 11th/12th: Dance Marathon
April 12th: DU balloon lift and carnival
April 13th: Greek Awards
-3/5/03 Panhel is holding an ice-cream social.
-3/10/03 there is an AIDS speaker who is an ex-Playboy Bunny in Colton Chapel.
-Safe Rides is starting up again.

Andrew Kasman – Campus Student Services
-I will meet with Bruce Feretti on Tuesday March 4th to discuss issues pertinent to my position.

Ryan Lawlis – Student Organizations
-The Math Club was approved pending changes to their constitution.
-Attended the Baseball Club meeting. They will present their constitution to Student Government in the near future.

Sarah Hazel – Student Life
-FCC meeting was Monday. We are planning a spring dance and planning on making freshman class t-shirts.
-I am forming a committee to discuss having a Student Government-run BBQ. The committee members are Andrew, Ryan, Liz, and Jimmy.

Susan Anamier – Multicultural Affairs
-Will be meeting with Dean Spell, Jadrian Ellison, and Lee to discuss multicultural issues at Lafayette.
-Also at the meeting, we will also discuss creating a multicultural event for this semester or for the fall.

Josie Dykstra – Community Affairs
-Organizers of Lafapolooza have come to Student Government to ask for financial support. The events will be held on March 28th and 29th.
-Will be in touch with people heading the 5K run.
-There was a meeting for the Blood Drive and letters were sent to the faculty and the administration asking them to donate blood. The Blood Drive will be March 12.

Colby Block – Public Relations
-Met with Prof. Silverstein about forum for abortion.
-Talked with Kim Rubenfield about abortion speakers.
-Made Associate Rep. Poster.
-Wrote up Student Government Representative descriptions and placed them on the Student Government office window.
-Working on pictures for all Student Government officers.
-Made a Shuttle Bus poster.

Aly Dewji – Farinon Student Services
-Met with Food Services to discuss a ‘Lobster Night’ at Marquis Dining Hall this month.
-Attended the 5K Run meeting and discussed the financial situation. They will attend the next Student Government meeting to discuss their current status.

Amy Schwartz – Election Chair
-Met with Pam Brewer to discuss position goals. These include mass mailing and emails and brown bag or a debate where Student Government candidates would present their platforms.
-Working on Student Government calendars for March and April. Final copies will be distributed at the next meeting.

The meeting was adjourned at 6:00 pm.

Faithfully Submitted,
Charlotte Smith

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