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The following is a selection of recent media coverage of Lafayette:

National/Regional Media
The Washington Post, Boston Globe, New Republic, C-Span2 and other national media have featured the new biography of former U.S. Supreme Court Justice William O. Douglas by Bruce Allen Murphy, Kirby Professor of Civil Rights. An article with details and web links to newspaper articles about the book is available on Lafayette’s web site.

A letter to the editor about reality television submitted by Sara Nersesian ’06 (Sparta, N.J.) ran in the Feb. 27 issue of the New York Times. The piece was part of a sociology class assignment to read the Times every day to find stories of sociological interest and write letters to the editor in response. The text of the letter is available in an article on Lafayette’s web site.

Laura Dassow Walls, associate professor of English, was quoted in an article published Feb. 16 in the Neoponset Valley Daily News of Dedham, Mass., and MetroWest Daily News of Massachusetts about a celebration of the 200th anniversary of Ralph Waldo Emerson’s birth at Concord Museum in Corcord, Mass.

The January Black Enterprise Magazine included “Fraud detection: SAS 99 increases auditors’ responsibilities,” an article co-authored by Rosie Bukics, Thomas Roy and Lura Forrest Jones Professor of Economics and Business. “A great number of people, it seems, believe that one of the primary focuses of an audit is to detect fraudulent financial reporting,” she writes. “It is important to continue educating financial statement users of the fact that the responsibility to prevent fraud remains with management, and not with the auditors.” Available on-line, the article originally was published in Pennsylvania CPA Journal. Bukics is a member of the Pennsylvania CPA Journal editorial board.

Spotlight on Students in Their Hometown Newspapers
The March 3 issue of the Greenwich Time of Greenwich, Conn., printed an article about senior art major Krista Catalano and the Master Artist/Master Printmaker program, in which she is helping create art that will be exhibited at galleries in Tokyo and New York this summer: “‘It is amazing to work with such well-known artists,’ says Catalano. ‘I’m excited to see the finished products.” A photograph of Catalano with Curlee Holton, associate professor of art and director of the Experimental Printmaking Institute, accompanied the story. An article about the program is available on Lafayette’s web site.

Art major Gabriel Fernandez-Obregon ’03 (Ridgewood, N.J.) is spending much of his time this year creating an album of original music and designing the cover art for the CD, states a lengthy feature story with accompanying photograph in the Feb. 7 issue of the Ridgewood News of Ridgewood, N.J. The student plays piano, violin, and phantom keyboard and creates his own drumbeats on the CD, titled Tip of the Tongue. He has been working closely with Lew Minter, media lab director at the Williams Visual Arts Building: “‘Professor Minter is more than a caring and qualified mentor,’ Fernandez-Obregon said. ‘He is very supportive with my creative ideas and leads me toward greater challenges. I feel that he can give me an honest opinion from the standpoint of another artist and not just a mentorI think he’s wonderful.’” An article on the project is available on Lafayette’s web site.

The Feb. 22 edition of the Poughkeepsie Journal of Poughkeepsie, N.Y., described the design of a human-powered submarine by Matt Tomik ’03 (Salt Point, N.Y.) and eight fellow mechanical engineering seniors. “‘Through this project, I have learned about topics specific to submarines and put my general engineering knowledge to work,’ said Tomik. ‘We had to establish an overall design and meet weekly with machine shop personnel and our adviser. I have learned that in order to successfully complete a design project, teamwork and good communication are necessary.” An article about the project is available on Lafayette’s web site.

The March 4 issue of the Standard-Speaker of Hazleton, Pa., reported that Trustee Scholarship recipient and government and law major Erica Canzler ’05 (Conyngham, Pa.) spent her winter break examining the ability of developing countries to reform and sustain their economic systems, as well as what influence forms of government have on the process. A full-length article in the Feb. 22 Weekend Sentinel of Lewistown, Pa., also reported on the EXCEL Scholars project, in which Canzler collaborated with Praveen Chaudhry, visiting instructor of government and law. A member of the women’s basketball team, Canzler read and analyzed research on topics such as why some authoritarian regimes find it easier to enact policies than others. An article about the project is available on Lafayette’s web site.

The Feb. 27 issue of the York Dispatch reported that chemical engineering major Gabriella Engelhart ’05 (York, Pa.) conducted aquatics research and collaborated with distinguished scientists from around the world last semester at Marine Biological Laboratory in Woods Hole, Mass. An article about her experience is available on Lafayette’s web site.

The Feb. 20 issue of the Record Herald of Waynesboro, Pa., reported on the efforts of chemical engineering major Shawna Showalter ’04 (Waynesboro, Pa.) to develop an inexpensive method to remove arsenic from drinking water. She tested new methods of water treatment over the January interim session in an EXCEL Scholars project with three Lafayette professors, coauthoring a paper on the research presented last week at the International Water Association Conference at Cranfield University in England. She also is conducting related research with seven other students that will culminate in a presentation at the 13th annual International Environmental Design Contest at New Mexico State University in Las Cruces, N.M. An article about their project is available on Lafayette’s web site.

The County Observer of Yeagertown, Pa., ran a lengthy article headlined “Jessica Molek assists EPA with arsenic cleanup project” in its Feb. 19 issue. Work by the senior chemical engineering major from Reedsville, Pa., and seven other Lafayette students will be presented April 6-10 at the 13th annual International Environmental Design Contest hosted by New Mexico State University, Las Cruces, N.M. Molek explains her motivation in the article: “‘I think being aware of the world around you and environmental problems within it is important.’” Molek’s participation in the project also was noted in the Feb. 28 issue of the Sentinel of Lewistown, Pa. An article about the project is available on Lafayette’s web site.

Psychology major Kelly Egan ’03 (Vernon, N.J.) is learning about the field this year through EXCEL Scholars research on genetics and an internship in a local nursing home, reports a full-length article in the Feb. 19 issue of New Jersey Herald of Newton, N.J. Her EXCEL work with John Shaw, assistant professor of psychology, examines how people feel about cloning and genetic testing and engineering. Through her internship last semester at Praxis, a long-term care facility for Alzheimer’s and other patients, Egan helped with physical fitness and art activities. She is continuing there as a volunteer this semester. An article about the research and internship is available on Lafayette’s web site.

The Feb. 19 issue of the Central Record of Medford, N.J., noted that Candice Singer ’03 (Medford, N.J.), a double major in A.B. engineering and economics & business, and psychology major Kristen Chiusano ’04 (Medford, Pa.) were among 200 Lafayette students who served externships with alumni over the January interim session to gain first-hand knowledge about the professional world.

Marquis Scholar Benton Wilmoth ’05 (Marysville, Ohio) is corresponding with Eastern European government officials and plans to visit United Nations Headquarters as part of research on changing domestic violence legislation in post-Communist Europe, reports an article in the Feb. 14 issue of the Marysville Journal-Tribune of Marysville, Ohio. A double major in government & law and International Affairs, Wilmoth is working as an EXCEL Scholar with Katalin Fabian, assistant professor of government and law. An article on the project is available on Lafayette’s web site.

The Feb. 10 issue of the Citizens’ Voice of Wilkes-Barre, Pa., notes that Trustee Scholarship recipient and biochemistry major Stacey Wagner ’03 (Shavertown, Pa.) has coauthored three articles published in leading scientific journals in less than two years. Her work as an EXCEL Scholar led to publications in Comparative Parasitology, Acta Chromatographica, and Journal of Planar Chromatography-Modern TLC. In the article, she states about the collaborative research, “I don’t think other schools offer this and it gives you a good idea of what you might want to do in the future.” An article about Wagner’s publications is available on Lafayette’s web site.

Psychology major Jenna Menard ’03 (Holicong, Pa.) “used her managerial and organizational talents to help coordinate the eighth annual Lafayette Leadership Institute (Lafayette College, Easton, Pa.) February 8,” reported the Feb. 20 Doylestown Patriot of Doylestown, Pa. In addition to describing the institute, the article covered Menard’s internships with Tony & Tina Cosmetics in New York and The Atlantis Group in Doylestown, African Studies Scholastic Award, and extra-curricular activities. An article about the leadership event and Menard’s role in it is available on Lafayette’s web site.

Lehigh Valley Media
A group of five students is working on plans for an unguided tour that would give visitors the sights, sounds, and smells of the 18th and 19th century at the 1753 Bachmann Publick House in downtown Easton, reported the Feb. 26 Express-Times. The Technology Clinic class “would enlarge the potential audience for the Bachmann Publick House” through computer technology such as barcodes and MP3s, as well as “a hand-held device with a menu of stories, voices and information.” Curator R.H. Ashton calls the project “fantastic.” An article about the project is available on Lafayette’s web site.

The Roxy Theatre in Northampton was scheduled Saturday to screen The Perfection Across 23rd Street, an independent film produced by government and law major Pavlos Lykos ’04 (Easton, Pa.), reported Friday’s Express-Times of Easton, Pa. Lykos, who also acted in the production, worked on “a shoestring budget of $10,000” with digital filming and an original soundtrack and score.

The Express-Times ran a photograph of David Husic, professor and head of chemistry, talking with civil engineering majors Crissy MacDonald ’05 (Glendora, N.J.) and May Chui ’03 (Kwai Chung, Hong Kong) during an open house for environmental engineering labs at Acopian Engineering Center in Thursday’s issue. The newspaper previewed the event March 6 and 7. The Morning Call of Allentown, Pa., also previewed the event March 7. Articles about the open house and arsenic removal project featured at it are available on Lafayette’s web site.

Both Lehigh Valley daily newspapers published articles on a men’s basketball player who overcame adversity. “Watch the way Mike Farrell battles and fights with all of his might at both ends of the floor, playing every moment as if it could be his last, and it is easy to see why he is a co-captain of the Lafayette Leopards,” begins a March 5 article about the junior American Studies major from DeLand, Fla., in The Express-Times. “There isn’t a hint of the diabetes that lives inside his body, always ready to rob him of energy. A full-length feature on forward Andrei Capusan ’06 (Manchester, Md.), focusing on the new life he has found in America after living through a communist dictatorship in Romania, ran in the March 7 Morning Call. Capusan “enrolled in high school in Maryland, lived with a family there, played basketball and suffered through the homesickness and loneliness that any student in a strange land would.”

On March 2, the Call printed a photograph of a presentation by Discovery Center of Science and Technology at the Literacy Day hosted by Lafayette students March 1. An article about the outreach event for Easton children is available on Lafayette’s web site.

Biology major Larissa Bellamy ’05 (Allentown, Pa.) is serving as campaign manager for Bill Houston, who is seeking the Democratic nomination for mayor of Easton, reports the Feb. 28 issue of the Call. The same issue includes a photograph of neuroscience major Jacobi Cunningham ’03 (Mattapan, Mass.) serving food to psychology major Kristen Mahlstedt ’05 (Ridgefield, Conn.) at Lafayette’s third annual African Market on Feb. 27.

“If it weren’t for the threat of war against Iraq, Edmond J. Seifried, professor of economics and business at Lafayette College in Easton, would be extremely optimistic about the country’s economic future,” reports an article published in Eastern Pennsylvania Business Journal Feb. 2 and CNNMoney Feb. 17 about his talk at the annual economic forecasting meeting of East Penn Bank in Fogelsville, Pa. “Seifried said the potential for economic growth is great provided that war – or even the threat of war – with Iraq ends quickly, that there are no more terrorist attacks and that no more corporate scandals such as Enron, WorldCom or Xerox come to light.”

The Morning Call described the memorial service for William G. McLean, director of engineering at Lafayette from 1962-1975, in its March 3 issue: “‘He was my boss, mentor, and one of my best friends, and this for over half a century,’” said Charles Best, with whom McLean co-authored Analytical Mechanics for Engineers in 1965 and Outline of Theory and Problems in Engineering Mechanics in 1952. The Express-Times previewed the service with an article about McLean in its Feb. 21 issue. An article on McLean is available on Lafayette’s web site.

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