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Neil Englehart, assistant professor of government and law, spoke on “Dazed and Confused: Foreign Policy in the 2004 Elections” 12:15 p.m. Thursday in Hogg Hall, Interfaith Chapel.

He discussed foreign policy issues relevant to the upcoming general elections and field questions following the presentation.

“The 2004 presidential election cycle has been unusual because of the importance of foreign affairs,” he says. “Normally the electorate — and the parties — treat foreign policy as a secondary issue, but this year it is arguably the single most important issue. How have the campaigns tried to adapt, how have voters responded, and what are the likely consequences for American foreign policy after the election?”

The event was sponsored by the Kirby Government and Law Society.

Englehart is the author of Culture and Power in Traditional Siamese Government, a book in which he argues that political reform in 19th-century Siam is an example of intentional cultural change in response to new ideas. Previously, Englehart received a Fulbright Fellowship for research in Thailand and a Fulbright scholarship for language study there.

Two years ago, he spent the school year studying at the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, N.J., after being honored with an appointment there. The prior school year, he took a junior faculty leave at the University of London’s School of Oriental and African Studies, researching the particular set of institutions that comprise the modern state — territoriality, bureaucracy, and the monopoly of the use of force.

He has written a book about human rights after the Cold War, receiving assistance in the final stage from EXCEL Scholar Jesslyn Roebuck ’06 (Montgomery, N.Y.), a double major in English and international affairs.

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