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In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, several resident advisers in Ruef Hall organized events to raise money for the Breast Cancer Survivors Foundation, an Oregon-based non-profit organization.

“Raise Money for Breast Cancer By All Means Necessary” was a weeklong competition that raised over $1,700 from Oct. 18-22, surpassing the original goal of $500.

“A few members of my family have breast cancer,” says Stephanie Danchak ’07 (Clarks Summit, Pa.), who developed and helped organize the event. “So I feel as if I’m doing as much as I can to help them.”

Danchak’s floor organized a kissing booth to raise money, while others, including chemical engineering major Carolyn Waite ’06 (Perkasie, Pa.), economics and business major Terese Brown ’07 (Bronx, N.Y.), and government and law major Richard Williams ’06 (Bellevue, Wash.), raised funds through a date auction and selling breast cancer awareness bracelets and ribbons.

“In the end, each floor raised over $300, and Terese’s floor raised over $600,” Williams says. “In total, the four floors involved raised $1,725.03.”

“Credit is due to all participants,” he adds. “The resident advisers are only part of what made the fundraiser a success.”

In addition to raising money and building awareness, the competition brought a sense of community to the participants.

“Wherever we went we received support,” Brown says. “I think this was great as a community building project, and it brought my residents closer together.”

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