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Auditions for the College Theater production of You Can’t Take it with You were held Tuesday at the Williams Center for the Arts, with callbacks as needed Wednesday.

Casting will be done for 9–12 men and 7–8 women. The play will be performed Wednesday–Saturday, March 2–5, at the Williams Center.

Written by George S. Kaufman and Moss Hart, the Pulitzer Prize-winner You Can’t Take It With You was first staged in 1936 and has been produced somewhere every year since. It is considered a progenitor of the modern situation comedy. This beloved American classic introduces a strait-laced young banker, Tony Kirby, to the wacky collection of artists, free spirits, and harmless misfits that is his fiancee’s family. Despite a potentially disastrous family dinner, even Tony’s stuffy Wall Street father is ultimately charmed by the happy madness of the Sycamore household and learns to embrace their unorthodox pursuit of happiness.

College Theater’s production will be the third directed by New York–based actor/director Chris Hutchison ’91, who also directed subUrbia and last season’s The American Dream.

The Vanderhof/Sycamore Family
Penelope Sycamore: Early 50’s, gentle and kind. Can’t figure out if she is a writer, painter, or other artistic type, so she does it all. Never finishes what she starts, but makes up for it with enthusiasm. Wife of Paul.
Paul: Mid 50’s but youthful. Charming and mild mannered. May smoke. Makes fireworks in the family basement. Penelope’s husband.
Mr. DePinna: Paul’s sidekick and partner in crime. Honorary member of the family.
Essie: The eldest daughter, around 29. Still dreams of being a ballerina. Wife of Ed.
Ed: Mid 30’s. Nondescript. Makes candy, plays the xylophone. Clueless.
Martin Vanderhof: Grandpa. 75. Crusty, no-nonsense head of the family. Loves commencement ceremonies, and doesn’t care what anyone thinks, especially about him.
Alice: The youngest daughter, 22. Not as crazy as the rest of her family, but loves them just the same. In love with her boss’s son, Tony. Romantic lead.

The Kirbys
Tony Kirby: Nicest guy in the world, 25. Vice president in his father’s very successful company, he is the family’s great hope. In love with Alice, though his parents may not approve. Romantic lead
Mr. Kirby: Filthy rich, J.P. Morgan fat cat type, 50’s.
Mrs. Kirby: 50’s. Looks down her nose at everything. Nothing or no one could ever be good enough for her or her son.

The Help
Rheba: The Vanderhof/Sycamores’ trusty maid and confidante. She sees all and knows all and loves her employers in spite of their nuttiness. She is one of the family.
Donald: Rheba’s boyfriend. Always around, also considered part of the family.

The Rest
Henderson: A threatening IRS agent hot on Grandpa’s trail. Has one great scene. (may double cast as a G-Man)
Boris Kolenkhov: Essie’s ballet teacher. Thick Russian accent. Lover of all things fine. Fits right in with the crazy family.
Gay Wellington: A once proud actress, her boozy demeanor and erratic behavior have wrecked her career. Ostensibly here to help Penelope with a script, she instead arrives drunk and promptly passes out. (may double cast as Olga)
Olga: Russian Countess now working as a waitress, but the proudest and noblest waitress in New York City.
3 G-Men: Strong, stoic FBI agents. Dark suits, “just the facts ma’am” kind of guys.

Questions may be emailed to Hutchison.

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