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The meeting was called to order at 4:25 pm. Fourteen members were present.

Minutes from December 6, 2004 were approved.

Motion: Bryan
Second: Meghan
Motion Passes

Andrew Kasman, President — present
Amy Schwartz, Vice President — present
Meghan Hargrave, Treasurer — present
Ryan Lawlis, Secretary — present
Bryan Shive, Student Life — present
Lindsay DeHartchuck, Student Life — present
Kara Boodakian, Academic Affairs — present
Lori Anderson, Greek Liaison — present
Sarah Rogers, Community Affairs — present
Preeza Shrestha, Multicultural Affairs — present
Julie Sauer, Student Organizations — present
Amaya Henry, Farinon Student Services — present
Luke Matthews, Elections Chair — present
Amanda Niederauer, Public Relations — present
Mark Ranta, Campus Student Services — excused

Andrew Kasman – President

-Attended Trustee weekend events.

-Distributed Student Government contact list.

-Distributed Goals & Objectives.

-Formed Goal committees.

-Reminder to pick up keys.

-Landis Community Outreach Center requested an emergency allocation of $300 for the funding of Literacy Day (Feb. 26th, 2005)

Meghan Hargrave- Treasurer
-Starting up budget process.

-Motion to allocate $300 to Landis Community Outreach Center.

Motion: Meghan

Second: Bryan

Motion Passes

Bryan Shive – Student Life
-Will attend upcoming meeting with Amy Ahart.

-FCC is selling carnations for Valentine’s Day.

The meeting was adjourned at 4:55 pm.

Motion: Amaya

Second: Andrew

Motion Passes

Faithfully Submitted,
Ryan Lawlis

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