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The Orchestra and Chamber Wind Ensembles will perform their spring concert 4 p.m. Sunday at the Williams Center for the Arts auditorium under the direction of Stephani Bell and Susan Charlton, respectively.

The orchestra portion of the program will open with Mozart’s famous Eine Kleine Nacht Musik, “a little night music.” According to Bell, its melodies are familiar to many because they are featured in various forms in media.

“It doesn’t have a minor section in the piece so it is a very happy piece of music to listen to,” she says. “There are many repeated sections in the music, traditional to the style of writing in the 18th century, yet it isn’t too much to become tedious to the listener.”

Bell says the highlight of the concert will be Vivaldi’s Concerto for Four Violins, featuring computer science major Teruhisa Haruguchi ’07 (Saitamashi , Japan), mathematics major Corrine Casey ’07 (Staten Island, N.Y.), psychology major Kim Moore ’05 (Longwood, Fla.), and chemistry major Elizabeth Dethoffe ’05 (Reading, Pa.) on violin; Emily Fogelberg ’05 (Plymouth, Minn.), a double major in economics & business and history, on solo cello; and Lauren Timpson ’08 (Narvon, Pa.) on solo viola.

The orchestra has a unique setup for this piece with four violin sections instead of two, and the viola placed on the outside and the cello on the inside, which is normally reversed.

“This seating creates a wave-like stereo sound and enhances the way that Vivaldi wrote the piece,” says Bell. “We will be joined by faculty member Nina Gilbert (director of choral activities) on the harpsichord to add to the richness of the basso continuo part.”

One of the more interesting pieces on the program is The Beatles song “Eleanor Rigby,” partially arranged for the orchestra by music major Jack Furlong ’05 (Hopewell, N.J.).

“It was originally scored for the Hampton String Quartet and has rhythmic and musical textures that are similar to the original piece by The Beatles,” Bell says. “The ever-changing rhythmic pattern makes this piece interesting to listen to as well as the fact that all original melodies of the song are being delivered within the string orchestra.”

The Chamber Wind Ensemble portion of the concert will open with Walter Gieseking’s Moderato and Allegretto with arrangement by Shaul Ben-Meir, followed by Concerto in D by Joseph Boden de Boismortier. The program will also include Prelude to La Traviata by Giuseppe Verdi and Franz Shubert’s Scherzo from Octet, Op. 166, both arranged by Anthony Brackett.

Flute Choir
Katy Brodhead, Susan Charlton
Megan Conway ’06 (bass flute)
Caroline Dawson, Laura Fredley ’06
Jessica Goldblatt ’06
Danielle Martin ’06 (piccolo)
Allison Shapp ’08 (alto)

Clarinet Choir
Jessica Cygler ’07, David Greenberg ’06
Toby Heineck ’06 (alto clarinet)
Lisa Klenn ’06 (bass clarinet)
Karen Murray ’08
Magee Perini ’05 (sopranino clarinet)
Emily Smith ’08
Carolyn Waite ’06

Violin I
Elizabeth Dethoff ’05
Corinne Casey ’07
Teruhisa Haruguchi ’07
Amanda Pikarsky ’07
Dana Bernstein ’08
Victor Fiore ’08
Xin Wu ’08

Violin II
Kim Moore ’05
David Shellhamer ’07
Diana Galperin ’08
Joanna Morabito ’08
Mandi Kavitt
Megan Escobar
Susie Gay

Lauren Timpson ’08
Greg Cole
Virginia Melin
Harry Gilliland

Emily Fogelberg ’05
Lori Astheimer ’05
Peter Huntley ’08

Alicia Krebs ’08
Ashley Jermusyk ’08

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