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ASTM International has honored Terry A. DeBold ’64 with its Award of Merit and the title of fellow. The award acknowledges his achievements in the development and revision of standards for stress corrosion cracking of stainless steels. ASTM International is among the world’s largest standards development and delivery systems.

“I think they run out of people to give awards to, so they give them to us old guys,” he says.

During his 39-year career with Carpenter Technology Corp. in Reading, Pa., DeBold obtained patents for stainless steels and nickel-base materials. He worked on the corrosion of stainless and nickel base alloys for oil field, chemical process industry, and magnetic applications. He was also involved with mill service and failure analysis, product and process development, and standardization and testing.

A member of ASTM International since 1976, DeBold worked extensively on committees and chaired one on stress-corrosion cracking. He also was a member of an ASTM committee on steel, stainless steel, and related materials and another on nonferrous metals and alloys.

“They were all of some importance to Carpenter,” says Debold. “I wanted to know what was going on. I couldn’t be as active in all of them as I would have liked.”

A metallurgical engineering graduate, DeBold credits Leon McGeady, Charles A. Dana Professor Emeritus of Metallurgy, with helping him decide on the metallurgy career path. An electrical engineering major until the middle of his junior year, DeBold decided he didn’t like his chosen major and looked to McGeady for guidance.

“It was his class where you could find out if you liked metallurgy,” DeBold says. “He was a good guy.”

McGeady helped arrange summer classes for DeBold so that he could graduate in time with a degree in his new major.

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