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Next week’s scheduled appearance by pop stars Zach, Taylor, and Isaac Hanson has been canceled.

“On behalf of the Lafayette Activites Forum, we’d like to apologize for the fact that Hanson is no longer coming to Lafayette on October 26th as we had originally intended,” say LAF music co-chairs Danielle Ward ’08 (Chatham, N.J.), an English major, and John Theil ’06 (Langhorne, Pa.), a double major in psychology and Spanish, in a prepared statement to the student body. “Rest assured we were in the process of setting up and promoting the event to the best of our abilities. Yet, due to circumstances beyond our control, we had to cancel the event.

“To elaborate a bit: Originally, a representative of Hanson approached us back in September and wanted to bring the brothers to Lafayette Oct. 26th – free of charge – in order for them to promote their show that same night. The plan was for all three brothers to show up, do a meet and greet, play a couple of songs, and screen their documentary about the music industry. The same representative, however, booked Hanson to appear at Cedar Crest College the same day and time as they were scheduled to appear here. Upon hearing this (which was almost not even brought to our attention), we had to tailor our plans to the fact that only one or two brothers were coming, without intentions to play any music. Eventually, Hanson’s tour manager, Cedar Crest, and Lafayette came to yet another agreement that the three brothers would be able to visit both schools that day. This plan was then shot down by Hanson’s tour manager, causing even more frustration among LAF. At that point, we realized that the frustration wasn’t worth it, so we cancelled the event. To make matters worse, Hanson’s representative never signed the contract that we sent him for this event, so the brothers could have decided not to come to Lafayette that day if they didn’t feel like it, despite all of our hard work. Rumor has it that the brothers were, in fact, thinking this.

“Of course, we were just as excited as all of you were to have Hanson appear at Lafayette – that is, until things started to complicate themselves. We would have hated to disappoint everybody even further if the brothers never even showed up. Lastly, we want to thank those who spread word of the event around campus, without us ever hanging a flyer. This shows a great enthusiasm – one which we hope you all hold on to for the remainder of this year.”

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