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Alumni will play an important role in a VAST (Values and Science/Technology) seminar this semester.

Students will examine how technology is changing the field of education in the seminar, which is entitled The Promise and Peril of Educational Technology and taught by Gary Miller, retired College chaplain. They will research and evaluate new uses of technology in a variety of educational settings whild gaining practical experience by serving as volunteers in local schools and tutoring programs.

Students will conduct phone or email interviews with teachers, educational administrators, and parents who are home-schooling children in order to learn about their experiences, joys, and frustrations with the use of new educational technology (internet, software applications, video-streaming, etc.).

Miller seeks Lafayette alumni who serve in educational fields to volunteer as sources of information and opinion for his students. Students’ interviews with alumni educators will expand their awareness about how educational technology is being used in real-life settings and how people feel about its potential and its challenges. Students will share the results of their research efforts with participating alumni.

If you are interested in serving as a contact for this seminar, please email or call 610-330-5888.

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