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Dedicated teachers and mentors, Lafayette faculty also produce new knowledge in a broad range of fields.

Publications coauthored with students:

James Dearworth, assistant professor of biology

(coauthor Lori Cooper ’07 [neuroscience] and Caitlin McGee ’05 [B.S. biology]). “Parasympathetic control of the pupillary light response in the red-eared slider turtle (Pseudemys scripta elegans). Veterinary Opthalmology 10:2 (2007): 106-110.

Joseph Sherma, Larkin Professor Emeritus of Chemistry

(coauthor Tamara Halkina ’09 [biochemistry]). “Comparative evaluation of the performance of silica gel TLC plates and irregular and spherical-particle HPTLC plates.” Acta Chromatographica 17 (2006): 261-271.

Other recent publications:

Patricia Donahue, professor of English

ed. Reader: Essays in Reader-Oriented Theory, Criticism, and Pedagogy. Pennsylvania: Lafayette College, 2006. 96.

Bernard Fried, Kreider Professor Emeritus of Biology

(coauthor Aditya Reddy). “The use of Trichuris suisand other helminth therapies to treat Crohn’s disease .” Parasitology Research 100 (2007): 921-927.

Shelia Handy, assistant professor of economics and business

“Outcomes Assessment for an Accounting Program.” Pennsylvania CPA Journal Spring (2007): 18-19.

Robert Mattison, Metzgar Professor of Art History

After Image: Op Art of the 1960s. Jacobson-Howard Gallery, New York, March 8-April 28, 2007 [exhibition catalogue].

John McCartney, professor and head of government and law

“An Analysis of Sir Milo’s Political Contributions to The Bahamas.” Sir Milo Butler Centennial Symposium, Nassau, The Bahamas, October 20-21, 2006.

Steven Mylon, assistant professor of chemistry

(coauthors Haiying Hu and Gaboury Benoit). “Volatile organic sulfur compounds in a stratified lake.” Chemosphere 67 (2007): 911-919.

Susan Niles, professor of anthropology

“Considering Quipus: Andean Knotted String Records in Analytical Context.” Reviews in Anthropology 36 (2007): 85-102.

Christopher S. Ruebeck, assistant professor of economics and business

“Handedness and earnings.” Laterality 12:2 (2007): 101-120.

Joseph Sherma, Larkin Professor Emeritus of Chemistry

“A Field Guide to Instrumentation – Titration Instruments.” Journal of AOAC International 89:6 (2006): 123A-127A.

Derek Smith, associate professor of mathematics

(coauthors Mohammed Abouzaid, Jarod Alper, Steve DeMauro and Justin Grosslight). “On Cosets of the Unit Loop of Octonion Integers.” Communications in Algebra 35 (2007): 207-214.

David Sunderlin, assistant professor of geology and environmental geosciences

“Broad phytogeographic patterns across northern Pangea through the Permian.” Geological Society of America Abstracts w/Programs 38:7 (2006): 318.

Lorenzo Traldi, Metzgar Professor of Mathematics

“A conjecture about sums of disjoint products.” Journal of Combinatorial Mathematics and Combinatorial Computation 60 (2007): 3-6.

Skip Wilkins, assistant professor of music

Skip Wilkins Quintet: Volume II. Dreambox Media DMJ-1101. [composed and arranged by Skip Wilkins].

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