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Clients have included NASCAR, The Miami Heat, Atlantic Records, Microsoft, TV networks, and auto companies

Most Internet surfers are accustomed to web sites with inanimate objects that move on the screen. Len Ostroff ’89 is leading a company that has developed a groundbreaking way to humanize web content.

Rovion Inc. creates methods of delivering online content with a human touch. Its patent-pending InPersonTM technology enables web sites to come alive with video images of people that move and talk on the screen with no video player or disruption to static content.

“Our technology engages visitors in a dimension that did not previously exist,” says Ostroff.

Clients have included NASCAR, The Miami Heat, Atlantic Records, Microsoft, Pontiac, Toyota, Dodge, Cisco, Merck, and TV and broadcast groups such as ABC, VH1, Showtime, the Food Network, and HGTV.

“We partnered with NBC to deliver a unique interactive feature to drive online awareness for ‘Where in the World is Matt Lauer?’ on NBC’s ‘Today.’ Now Lauer has an online role on,” he says. “Media companies tend to have creative projects and that makes our job even more exciting.”

Ostroff brings over 15 years of financial, operational, managerial, technical, and media experience to his role as Rovion CEO. Prior to joining Rovion, he served as COO of the corporate venture capital arm of Sinclair Broadcast Group.

His position merges two interests that captured his heart at Lafayette, where he majored in economics and business and minored in computer science.

“I believed that the future would hold a confluence of those two interests and I found I was right,” he says. “My education in both was exemplary, but what really stands out for me is the breadth of friendships I formed. You can’t find another school that offers that in my opinion. Lafayette created a life experience for me that was so strong that I would pick up a phone call from any alum no matter what year they graduated.”

Ostroff was a KDR member, camaraderie and friendships extended beyond the fraternity.

“To this day my college friends and I still take an annual ski trip – the same weekend, with the same 15 people, who by now have all formed families and live of their own, but who come together by choice year after year. The strength of those bonds tells the Lafayette story,” he says.

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