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Members using new resume-posting and Power Search features

More than 5,000 alumni are enjoying the benefits of Lafayette’s Alumni Online Community. They have registered to get in touch with other graduates through the online directory, receive a Lafayette email forwarding address, read and post personal Class Notes updates and photos, and access the calendar of events, among other reasons.

For alumni like Katherine Blair ’04, one important reason for joining is simply to provide the College with updated contact information.

“I joined the online community to stay in touch with the College and my former classmates,” she says. “As a young graduate, I move a lot, and the College was sending mail to all sorts of outdated addresses. The online community allows me to keep everyone – including the College — up to date in one spot.”

She also is taking advantage of a new feature that enables alumni to include a resume in their profile.

“I am a member of the Council of Lafayette Women, and we have all committed to using the online community to recruit for our spring conference (April 4-5, 2008),” says Blair. “As I was looking through the site, I noticed the resume-upload capability, and since I’m currently job-seeking, I figured it couldn’t hurt. Also, it’s a great way to let others know what I’ve been doing since graduating.”

Ryan Sakmar ’04, a development engineer for a medical products firm, uploaded his resume to maximize his exposure to possible employers and alumni searching for someone with his background.

“Also, I feel that this is an extremely useful networking tool for identifying those alumni who may have similar backgrounds,” he adds. “Both my wife [Kelly Cusick Sakmar ’06] and I have networked our current jobs through Lafayette alumni and we recognize the value in supporting Lafayette students and other alumni. I feel that as the online community grows, the resume bank will become even more useful.”

Another new feature, Power Search, can be used to locate all alumni profiles that include resumes by selecting only the Resumes box in the Power Search menu and typing “Lafayette” in the search field. The powerful tool also can be used to search by city, state, zip code, academic major, occupation, job title, company name, fraternity, sorority, sports played in college, and any other information included in profiles.

To register, visit the Lafayette home page and choose “Alumni” on the left, then the Alumni Online Community icon on the right. Your password is the “L number” above your name on your Alumni News mailing label. (Enter the L number with no space between the L and the number.) You also can obtain your password by emailing

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