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The Grecian Formula will be performed in August in New York City

Mary Jo Lodge, assistant professor of English, is directing and choreographing an original production, The Grecian Formula, to be performed at the New York International Fringe Festival, which will take place Aug. 8 – 24 in New York City.

The performance schedule is available on The Grecian Formula‘s web site.

A comical production, The Grecian Formula, is written by Carter McGowan, New York City playwright and assistant professor and director of the arts management program at Long Island University’s School for Visual and Performing Arts. It is a period farce focusing on the origins of Greek Theatre.

Lodge and McGowan are currently involved with script discussion meetings, design meetings, and auditions. They plan to begin intense rehearsals in the month of July that will last through early August. According to Lodge, the play has required a considerable amount of research of Greek Theatre and its production.

“I’ve been working with the playwright on revising a scene which featured the comical on-stage deaths of several characters,” says Lodge. “After some research, we realized that we needed to change the scene as the ancient Greeks never showed death on stage. We discovered, through research, that the use of theater technology from the time would make for a more workable, appropriate, and funnier scene.”

Lodge hopes to be able to utilize Lafayette students and alumni on stage and backstage throughout the production.

“Since our theater students have been very successful in getting hired for theater work this summer, many of our promising students already have theater jobs and are unavailable,” explains Lodge. “I may be involving other professors from Lafayette as well. We intend to use union talent, and are currently in the process of making offers to some talent with major Broadway and television credits.”

Lodge considers this play to be a significant opportunity for her.

“This play will allow me to develop a new play for its initial production, which is a first for me, and will allow me to direct and choreograph as part of a major New York City theatrical event,” Lodge continues. “We have high hopes that the play will attract attention at the festival which will allow for its continued professional development.”

Lafayette’s close proximity to New York City has also proved to be a huge benefit for Lodge.

“I never could have fostered this type of relationship with a playwright if I couldn’t make frequent visits to the city,” Lodge says. ” In fact, knowing that I could collaborate with major New York artists was a huge reason I left my former job in the Midwest and came to Lafayette. And for theater students, being close enough to NYC to see shows regularly and perhaps be involved in a project like this is great.”

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