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The New York Times praises production of Eugene Ionesco’s Exit the King

Brian Hutchison ’93 is costarring on Broadway with acclaimed actors Geoffrey Rush and Susan Sarandon in Eugene Ionesco’s Exit the King. The play opened March 26 at the Ethel Barrymore Theater.

The New York Times praises the production, citing the “genius”of its presentation. Excerpts from the review, which discusses the faded empire of Ionesco’s king:

The spry new English adaptation by Mr. Armfield and Mr. Rush makes it easy for you to draw your own topical comparisons. (Of course there are such occasional rib nudges as having an enthusiastic guard, played by Brian Hutchison, deliver a tribute to king and country in a voice that summons George W. Bush.)

At the beginning of his reign the population was “nine thousand million”; now there are merely “a thousand old people,” and “they’re dying as we speak.” These dire statistics are delivered with panache by Ms. Sarandon, Mr. Hutchison, William Sadler (as the court physician, astrologer and executioner) and Andrea Martin.

[E]ach ensemble member undergoes a sly transformation from symbolic gargoyle to the kind of person anyone will recognize who has spent time at a deathbed. Every performance evokes a different style — from the superb Ms. Martin’s addled, ratlike servant to the American dude-ishness of Mr. Hutchison’s soldier and the sideshow hucksterism of Mr. Sadler’s doctor.

Hutchison’s previous Broadway credits include Proof and The Invention of Love. The English graduate acted in Lafayette’s College Theater as a student. His brother, Chris ’91, also is an accomplished actor.

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