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A team of students working to help rebuild New Orleans’ Lower Ninth Ward was recognized by President Bill Clinton at the Clinton Global Initiative University (CGI U) conference at University of Miami. Katherine Reeves ’10, Ting Chiu ’11, Jessalyn Rolwood ’10, and Hannah Rhadigan ’11 were representing the College’s Economic Empowerment and Global Learning Project (EEGLP), one of three U.S.-based projects profiled in a CGI U video (click on the tab below). Rhadigan, an art major, chronicled the trip in words and photos.

“One of the best pieces of advice I have received as an artist and photographer is take a step back, put everything down, and look at it from a distance,” says Rhadigan. “Having recently joined EEGLP, I view the projects through a camera lens and am able to both literally and figuratively zoom out and see the broader picture of what we do. Through the camera, I set out to capture the humanity of community empowerment, agency, and development that we facilitate in the communities we work with.

“This all was running through my mind at CGI U, and I was struck by the way each student and group at the conference also took a step back to appreciate how their work fits into a cosmopolitan world. There are many problems facing our world today, and CGI U stressed that there is no solution that can be reached with anything less than all of us working together. I walked away from the conference with an even larger picture of what can be and needs to be done to combat the problems facing the world today.”

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