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With the 2010 volleyball season coming to a close, Mary Cunning ’12 (Leonia, N.J.) talks about government and law, the importance of teamwork, and vacations in the Dominican Republic.

What is your major and what do you like about your major?
I’m a government & law major. I really enjoy learning about the current issues that are affecting our nation and world. There is such a wide range of topics, so it’s very interesting to learn and talk about them. In a lot of my classes, we discuss these topics and how they relate to us. I think it’s important to know what’s going on in our government as well as the rest of the world.

What has been the most unique academic experience you have had at Lafayette?
I’d have to say that my sophomore year VAST with Professor Donald Miller was one of the best classes I’ve had thus far. It was about the history of Chicago and New York City. Professor Miller is so knowledgeable and had a great sense of humor that made class fun and interesting.

One class that every Lafayette student should try to take is…:
Intro to Sociology with Professor Howard Schneiderman: I took it first semester my freshman year and loved it!

What can you take from volleyball and incorporate into everyday life?
There are so many things that you can take from playing a sport in college and incorporate into daily life. I would have to say that discipline, responsibility, persistence, and teamwork are big values that you learn and apply.

What kind of training do you do in the off-season?
In the off-season, the team works with Coach Bruce Potts three days a week in the weight room. We focus on increasing our vertical jumps, reaction, and explosion, as well as overall strength. In addition, we continue to work on our cardio and getting better and better on the volleyball court. A nice part of the spring is that you are able to focus more individually because there is more time and no games until the end of the semester. It is definitely a time where you can focus on increasing skills and getting better as a player.

What is your fondest volleyball memory?
My fondest volleyball memory would have to be making it to the state final my senior year of high school. It was such an incredible experience. Even though we didn’t win, it’s still something that I’ll always remember!

Who does the best impression of Coach Campbell?
I don’t know if there’s exactly one person who does the best impression, but I’d say that Alana Taylor ’12 has got it down better than most of us.

Sport you would play at Lafayette other than your own:
Basketball: I gave it up to be able to play club volleyball during my sophomore year of high school. In the spring some of my teammates and I shoot around.

The best vacation I ever took:
Vacations to the Dominican Republic with my family! The last time we went was in high school, but it’s always such a fun time. What’s so bad about eating, laying in the sun, and playing beach volleyball all day!?

The most played song/band on my iPod:
“We R Who We R” by Ke$ha; also a team favorite!

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