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Lauren Smedley ’13 (Hamilton, N.J.), the 2010 Patriot League Soccer Goalkeeper of the Year, sat down and discussed anthropology, her time management skills, and how sports helps with everyday situations.

One class that every Lafayette student should try to take is…:
Professor Susan Niles’ anthropology class on human origins. So far, we have learned about primates and evolution – topics all spiced up by Professor Niles’s animated teaching style. Professor Niles always includes personal experiences as an anthropologist and is a great storyteller. The class is a lot of fun, and I am really happy that I chose to take it!

What lessons learned from playing soccer can your incorporate into your everyday life?
From playing soccer, I have learned time management skills since getting my work done would be almost impossible around my soccer commitments without an organized schedule and good work ethic. I know that I have to plan out my schedule ahead of time to get my work done or I will run out of time to do it! I can also apply social skills I have learned from being on a team to everyday social situations. I know how to compromise, how to work out confrontation issues with a group or individual, how to be a supportive leader and respectful teammate, and I am composed under stressful situations.

Your pre-game superstition:
Caroline Shiel ’13 (Wyckoff, N.J.) and I always throw our gloves in the same spot when walking out to the field to warm up, hers on the six-yard line and mine in the goal.

Who does the best impression of Coach Statham?
Merri McCann ’12 (Hingham, Mass.)

What is the best prank that you or a teammate has pulled off?
We convinced Janelle Pierson ’12 (Coral Springs, Fla.) that we were running star runs and playing 6 vs. 6 full field. Her reaction was priceless.

What food could you not live without?
French Fries

Sport you would play at Lafayette other than your own:

The movie you could watch every day is…:
A Walk to Remember

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