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More than 500 alumni from Hong Kong to Dallas and from San Francisco to Boston gathered in 22 locations on March 9 for Wine 3/9, a celebration of the signing of the charter by the governor of Pennsylvania March 9, 1826, establishing Lafayette College.

On campus, alumni who are employees of the College gathered in the Wilson Room, Pfenning Alumni Center, and the Lehigh Valley Alumni Chapter held toasts during its regular Marquis Dinner Club in the Bergethon Room.

Individual toasts were also received through email and other social media from Indoneisa, Australia, and other regions of the United States. Participants posted comments and photographs on a special Facebook page.

“This has proven to be the beginning of a new tradition that unites the entire Lafayette community in a reflection and appreciation of our past and the celebration of and belief in our future,” says Beth Nelson ’96, associate vice president for development and alumni affairs.

“The charter that was signed by the citizens of Easton and the governor remains in my office,” says President Daniel H. Weiss in his toast. “I am very proud of the fact that 185 years later, the vision remains strong and at the very center of everything we do. Today, we celebrate this history with a toast to us all and the future of Lafayette College.”

The event was organized by Sarah Trimmer, assistant director of alumni affairs, and Alex Karapetian ’04 and Amanda Niederauer ’08, co-chairs of the Young Alumni Committee of the Alumni Association. “The students, faculty, staff, and administration are Lafayette College,” said Karapetian in his toast. “Without them, I would never have had this incredible college experience. As a third-generation alumnus, Lafayette means more to me than just being my alma mater. Lafayette is my family. It molded me into the person that I am today. Not only should we toast our College’s birthday, but also one another because we are Lafayette…the past, present, and future.”

Nelson says the goal of the event was “for alumni everywhere to celebrate the College together on March 9 and on that date every year as they continue to help the College advance its goals by telling its story, encouraging prospective students to apply, and giving back in whatever way they can.”

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