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More than 1,000 alumni returned to campus to share memories and good times during Reunion Weekend. Check out photos from the annual parade, dances, dinners, and social events.

View and share more images of the Reunion parade on Flickr
View and share more images of other Reunion events
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Reunion Parade

50 Plus Club Reception

Step Singing and Socials

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  1. Sam Ramos says:

    I, Sam Ramos, was also stationed in Fountainbleau along with Bill Criss. I pitched fast pitch softball and you were my catcher.

  2. Bill Criss says:

    Bob Moss are you the guy who was my C.O. In Fontainebleau, France in the early 60’s who had identical twin nieces? If so, please E-mail me at I have quite a story to tell you.

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