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Katherine Weyback ’20 grabs a much-needed cup of coffee.

Katherine Weyback ’20 grabs a much-needed cup of coffee.

10 a.m.

It’s going to be one of those days.

Katherine Weyback ’20 is taking a breather in the dining room on the upper floor of the Farinon College Center. First thing in the morning, she jumped into equations and numbers in a math class. From there, she went straight to a geology class where they talked about dinosaurs for an hour. Later, she has a history class in Jacksonian Democracy, and there’s a paper due that she needs to finish somewhere in between.

She’s having a breakfast sandwich and a cup of coffee.

“Wednesdays are a busy day,” she admits. Whipping from subject to subject might seem off-putting to some students. Weyback thrives on the variety.

“That’s the liberal arts,” she says.





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