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assistant professor of civil and environmental engineering

Ph.D., civil engineering, Auburn University

What I’m focused on:

“Concrete! As one of the most sustainable and widely used construction materials, any time spent focusing on concrete is time well spent. My primary focus is the structural and material behavior of concrete structures—with a particular attention to those aspects relevant to improving the design of buildings and bridges.”

What I’m excited about:

“Developing a new sensor to peer deeper into a previously under-explored area of concrete material behavior and, of course, teaching a course in structural load testing—AKA Crushing Things 101! While these topics both relate to the study of the deformational behavior of concrete, or other materials, under applied load, they also appeal to my inner childhood desire to knock down towers and crush things.”

What you can expect of me:

“An open door, an unparalleled enthusiasm for all things concrete, hands-on demonstrations, and innovative ideas in the classroom, laboratory, or on the construction site.”

What I’m holding:

“One of the first concrete cylinders made in our newly established concrete research facility on the first floor of Acopian Engineering Center. In our first six months since opening, we’ve mixed high-performance concrete, self-consolidating concrete, pervious concrete, and recycled glass aggregate concrete, and we’ve even entered a regional competition competing with other colleges to design and test the most efficient concrete beam. We’ve got projects lined up to keep us busy for the next year including a sensor development, load testing of beams comprising that specialty recycled glass aggregate, and testing of a timber truss roof system.”

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