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assistant professor of economics

Ph.D., agricultural, environmental, and development economics, Ohio State University

What I’m researching:

“My field of study is environmental economics, and I’m particularly interested in water resources. I do lots of modeling of agricultural behavior and its impact on water quality. Much of my research involves studying the algae bloom of Lake Erie, which is impacted by climate change.”

What I’m excited about:

“I am very interested in interdisciplinary work, and that’s something I hope to do here at Lafayette. At Ohio State University, I worked with hydrologists from the civil engineering department and environmental engineers as well. I hope to develop a higher-level course in environmental economics that both economics and environmental studies students can take.”

What I’m hopeful for:

“I hope that my students can learn to think like an economist. I really want my students to be able to apply their knowledge to real-world problems. I want them to take the tools they learn in class to analyze problems and better understand the world around them.”

What I’m holding:

“My iPad is a tool I use to read research papers. I like that it’s environmentally friendly; I don’t have to print lots of papers. But I also use it to do digital painting. I started painting during my second year of my Ph.D. program. I was frustrated with my research, and I recognized that I needed something to help me feel relaxed and take my mind off my work. I also paint on traditional canvases, but doing the digital work using the Apple Pencil is very convenient. I think the creative outlet has helped me. I feel like it has opened my mind and helped me find the beauty in daily life.”

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