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Director of the Experimental Printmaking Institute

M.F.A., Yale University

What I’m focused on:

“I’m focused on how new technologies and new forms of visualization in the sciences and popular culture can inform a history of making and visualizing in the arts. Historically I’m looking at Zero group artists and their investigation of these concerns in the ’50s and ’60s. I apply these ideas to my teaching, my own art making, and in how I run the print shop that I direct here at Lafayette.”

What I’m excited about:

“I’m excited to be here and be able to engage with all my wonderful colleagues in various departments. Just last night I was at a dinner for Thomas Zung, who worked closely with Buckminster Fuller, and it was such a lovely event. I met a variety of professionals from different fields and immediately began discussing how through working together we can enrich the learning environment and further our research here at Lafayette.”

What you can expect of me:

“I will be pushing the envelope as far as how printmaking can function as a tool for making and as a tool for social change. I will be trying new things, taking chances, and failing a lot, and hopefully learning from these experiences.”

What I’m researching:

“As the director of the Experimental Printmaking Institute I will be bringing professional artists to campus to work with students on print-related projects that redefine the boundaries of traditional printmaking. In my own work right now I’m looking for new ways to engage 3D printing as a medium for painting.”

What I’m hopeful for:

“I hope that I can inspire my students at Lafayette to be more observant of the world around them, provide the ones who want to be artists with the tools necessary to navigate the art world, and for the rest I hope making art will make them more nuanced, sensitive, and tolerant human beings.”

What I’m holding:

“I’m holding a drawing made three months ago by my son. He makes lots of these. This one’s one of my favorites. It has great color, great composition, and most importantly, great content. There’s a kid standing under a rainbow (he insists on using all the colors when he makes these) smiling and proud. Given all the cynicism and bitterness that our current political climate has afforded us, in all aspects of life, I believe this kind of positive reinforcement and sincerity is necessary to survive and move on.”

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