By Stephen Wilson

Acclimating to the college environment can be a challenge for any first-year student. It can be an even greater challenge for international students as they battle homesickness, cultural differences, and language barriers.

International students at Lafayette arrive on campus early for a special orientation program to help with the global transition. One member of the 186th class, Tergel Khatanbaatar ’21 from  Mongolia, has found an interesting way to start to feel at home in America: pizza!  An offhand remark has sent him on a gustatory challenge. During his orientation, he said he loved pizza. One of his orientation leaders said he would be bored by it in a month. Tergel disagreed. Eating a slice a day, Tergel sends his orientation leader a photo of each slice. He has yet to miss a day.

When will this challenge end? A month, a year, at graduation? It seems too early to tell. In Tergel’s honor, grab a slice, fold it, and enjoy! Or maybe tell him where to get the best slice by making a comment below. All of his slices but one have come thus far from dining services. Here are a few pictures from his pizza-eating adventure.

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