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10:10 a.m.

Kathryn Haglich '20 and Trisha Agarwal ’20 pet Maggie, the math department dog.It’s understandable why students like to hang out on the second floor of Pardee between math classes.

In room 218, the student lounge, they find academic support. “We work on problems together,” says Kathryn Haglich ’20, a math major from Seaford, N.Y. “So many math majors come here, so you’re almost guaranteed to find someone who has taken the class you’re studying and can help you with your work.”

There’s the social aspect—in particular, Nerf basketball.

“That starts up when people want to procrastinate,” says Trisha Agarwal ’20, a math and computer science double major from India. “It can get intense. People are competitive.”

There are also snacks. Associate Professor Tom Yuster keeps students well fed, Haglich says. Today’s goodies include cookies and brownies.

But perhaps the biggest attraction is Maggie, the math department’s beloved mascot. The 15-year-old border collie spends time in 218 as well as next to department secretary Jayne Trent’s desk. Trent took Maggie in after her original owner, Professor Art Gorman, passed away in December 2014.

While Maggie is camera shy—hold up your phone in her direction and she’ll turn away or hide—she loves the attention of students. And the feeling is mutual.

“Maggie’s my love,” Haglich says. “She loves licking my hand. If I give her the opportunity, she’ll lick it for 20 minutes. I know it makes her happy, so I’ll let her. Visiting with her is part of my routine. I miss her if she’s not here.”

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